Summer Preparation for the Centennial

Article By: Ava M.

Edited By: Liz S.

Visual By: Jasmine P.

Although the end of the year is approaching and most of us are looking forward to relaxing during summer break, the school year of 2019-2020 is already beginning for ISM’s Bearcat Council who are embarking upon one of the schools most ambitious events yet: the triple IASAS in celebration of ISM’s centennial. To celebrate 100 years of Bearcat spirit, ISM will be hosting volleyball, cross country, and soccer from October 9-13 . As most of you know, sign ups for hosting athletes has already begun, but this is only a tiny portion of the work required to execute such a complicated event. Hosting even a single IASAS requires meticulous planning and dedication from the Bearcat Council, who will be working tirelessly over summer and the beginning of the school year. According to Mr. Pekin, ISM is preparing its facilities to be able to host over 300 hundred athletes and the Bearcat Council has already begun work on organizing vendors, housing, and other details to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Mr. Pekin also stressed the importance of ensuring beds for all our travelling athletes, and encourages non-athlete students who wish to get involved to offer to host some of the students.

The upcoming triple IASAS is also daunting for our student athletes representing ISM on their very own track, field, and court. However, the teams are more than up for the challenge and will face it head on with not only confidence, but also humility and support for the other schools. The training process for our bearcats has already begun and will undoubtedly continue over the summer, according to varsity cross country athlete, Theda L., “It will be stressful since we’ll be at home,” when asked about the pressure of representing her school during not only her last cross country IASAS, but also during such an important event in ISM’s history. She also added, “We’re ready though, and even if we don’t win it will be a great experience to meet so many students from different schools.” Volleyball team member, Matt K. agreed with Theda, saying, “I’m excited for IASAS to be even more hype, but there’s some stress to perform better since we’re hosting.” Despite the added pressure of ISM’s centennial, our athletes should keep in mind that this experience is about fun and building memories, not just winning. Mr. Pekin would also like to remind all of the athletes to rest up, and prepare themselves for the upcoming first season.

Despite the stress of planning such an elaborate event, the centennial will be the perfect time to embrace not only our Bearcat spirit, but also our IASAS spirit and celebrate what makes IASAS such a special experience every year. Even if you are not participating in volleyball, cross country or soccer, the centennial celebration will be an unforgettable experience thanks to our hard working Bearcat Council and all the athletes who come out to play. We wish both our council and athletes a productive summer in preparation of this event and will all be waiting to cheer them on once school starts in August.