Looking Ahead: the Class of 2020

Article by: Carmel L.

Edited by: Amelie L. + Kylie C. + Justin S.

Visual by: Issy P.

The end of the school year is always a bittersweet time for many. Freshmen move up the high school ladder, sophomores select their IB courses for the next two years, seniors look towards their futures in university, and juniors enter their final year in high school. Senior year is a special time in the lives of many, as it is both the culmination of three years of hard work as well as the pathway to one’s independence in university.


The notion of senior year intimidates most students. This is especially true for the infamous first semester, when seniors juggle a variety of activities including college applications, the IB, extracurriculars, and many more. However, despite this stress-filled semester, senior year also brings plenty of sentimental “lasts.” We asked some current juniors from the Class of 2020 about what exactly they are expecting from their final year at ISM.


“I’m definitely not looking forward to the heavy workload of senior year,” junior Agnes R. comments. This seems to be a common sentiment among current juniors. According to junior Jose A., “The outgoing seniors [this year] always tell us about how the first semester of senior year is the hardest part of IB, and I’m scared about how I will have to balance academics with sports, college applications, and other deadlines.” Juniors seem to perceive academics as one of the biggest challenges of senior year, and they are definitely not wrong in doing so. Though difficult, the final year of high school also brings with it many joys and memorable activities (despite the workload).


When prompted on what she was looking forward to in senior year, Agnes R. says, “I am looking forward to reflecting on all of the moments I’ve had in high school. We’re leaving, so it’s going to be sad, but I think it’s also going to make me very grateful for all the experiences I’ve had.” This sentiment is also a commonality among juniors, many of whom have mixed emotions when it comes to senior year and graduation. Additionally, senior year brings with it other exciting events. Jose A. expresses, “I am really excited for Battle of the Bearcats. I think it will be really cool coming together as a batch at BOB for the last time.” He also adds that he is “looking forward to eventually finishing IB at the end of senior year!”


It is clear that senior year, though intimidating, brings both challenging and exciting times for our incoming seniors. Although senior year was always inevitable, juniors now look at it with disbelief, surprised at how far they have come. We are hopeful that they will end high school with a bang. Good luck in senior year, Class of 2020!