Honor Societies Induction Ceremony

Article By: Clara (Seunghee) H.

Edited By: Gisele F.

Visual By: Chloe Q.

Last Friday, on May 24, the honor societies induction ceremony took place in the FAT, where new members were officially inducted. Each new inductee had to have passed a highly competitive application process, which included meeting a rigorous set of standards.

During the ceremony, inductees of each honor society came up to the stage to receive their token of induction and recite their pledge. While most societies conferred certificates on their inductees, Quill & Scroll and Tri-M handed out decorative pins as tokens of membership, NHS presented named sashes, and Cum Laude awarded inductees with medals. The language honor societies’ (FHS, CHS, SHS) new members recited their pledges in their respective languages. As the inductees entered and exited the stage, loud rounds of applause erupted from the audience of parents, teachers, and fellow inductees congratulating their success. The rather solemn induction ceremony was punctuated by exciting performances by the new inductees of Tri-M Music Honor Society, which gave an opportunity for the inductees to showcase their musical talents. Christian L., a guitar player who performed as a new member of Tri-M, said “It was an honor to play in front of such talented and hard working people. I am very thankful that I had the chance to perform at the induction ceremony.”

There are currently 8 honors societies in ISM: National Honor Society (NHS), Tri-M Music Honor Society, Chinese Honor Society (CHS), Spanish Honor Society (SHS), French Honor Society (FHS), Quill and Scroll Honor Society, National Arts Honor Society (NAHS), and Cum Laude Honor Society.

Some may question the purpose and importance of the honor societies in ISM, and hence this induction ceremony. However, there is no doubt that honor societies play a major role in cultivating excellence in the ISM community. These honor societies help build a positive competitive spirit in ISM, setting high standards of induction, as seen in the 6.0 GPA requirement for most honor societies, to motivate students to work harder. Furthermore, along with the awards ceremony, the induction ceremony is an event for students to celebrate their effort and achievements throughout the past school years– serving as another strong incentive for diligence and persistence.

On a practical level, being part of honor societies also offer students more opportunities to develop their leadership, talent, and other important skills. CHS’ inductee Eion C. summed it up best, claiming that being inducted to an honor society is “not only an honor or recognition, but rather a responsibility and the start of a journey to become a more skilled individual in that particular field”.

Honor societies are essential part of ISM because they embody the core values of ISM and motivate students to aspire to these worthy goals set by the honor societies. Even if a student is not part of an honor society yet, he or she should not be discouraged and continue to pursue the standards of the honor societies.