Athlete in Focus: Matthew S.


Article By: Scott F.

Edited By: Lucas D.

Visual By: Raina H.

As season one tryouts have come to a close and the season is well underway, Bamboo Telegraph takes a look at a talented athlete: Matthew Stebelsky. Matthew, a junior, is currently on the varsity football team. He, as well as many others at ISM, holds a deep love for the sport.

Football is everything to Matthew. He has had a passion for the game for as long as he can remember. “I’ve been told the first thing I did when I was born was squish my umbilical cord into a ball and kick it around,” Matthew joked in an interview. That lifelong passion has definitely helped him achieve his current skill level. He was even quoted as saying, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you it’s much more serious than that.” Hopefully, that seriousness translates into his performance on the pitch this season.

On top of all this, Matthew is also the president of the 2021 batch council. His motto, which he lives by in both leadership and in football, is “Leadership through Humor.” When asked how he keeps a balance between football and other commitments such as council and academics, he said, “I would say that my academic life thus far hasn’t been affected much by being part of the football team or council. I haven’t been getting as much homework and assignments as I thought.” Matthew then goes on to mention that he and other juniors are just beginning to delve further into the IB program so his balance may change down the line.

Being new last year, Matthew has progressed past challenges the average new student would struggle with in their first or even second year. Matthew does admit he knew several people before his arrival at ISM as a friend from ISB filled him in. Still, he says, “People from ISM are quite friendly to new students, so it was easy to make new friends here.”

This season is a Super-IASAS that ISM is hosting.  This means all 3 sports in a season (in this case cross country, volleyball, and Soccer) are hosted by the same school. Matthew is excited for the rest of the season and the eventual IASAS tournament and hopes to help ISM obtain a successful tournament. As well as this he hopes to continue to balance his academics, council, and football as more and more challenges come his way in the classroom and on the pitch.