ISM’s New Canteen Vendors


Article by: Catherine S.

Edited by: Kay S.

Visual by: Jasmine R.


With the start of a new school year, the canteen has welcomed our Bearcats with a fresh change, greeting us with a warming atmosphere. Each vendor now has a new look. Among the changes, the biggest difference in our canteen would be the two new vendors: Annie’s Kitchen and GoKinjo. As a replacement of former vendors Sodexo and Asian Express, the two vendors will be adding a new taste to ISM cuisine. 


With a long line present everyday, GoKinjo has received immense popularity from students. Taking the place of Asian Express, GoKinjo serves Japanese food, ranging from bentos to ramen. Translating to  “neighborhood” in Japanese, the vendor provides a warm meal for hungry Bearcats. Accordingly, Junior Gyuree L., a fan of Asian food, says, “there is a lot of different food on the menu that people don’t usually get to encounter.” GoKinjo sells a variety of food from buns, ramen, bingsoo, and even milk tea! Junior Ayari S. claims “the quality of food went up with GoKinjo. I also love their milk tea. Too bad they only sell it after school.” In comparison to the previous vendor, Asian Express, which provided Asian cuisine from countries such as India and China, GoKinjo focuses on traditional and popular Japanese food, bringing a different aspect of Japanese cuisine to our tables. 


Bringing the taste of our host country is a new Filipino vendor in our canteen, Annie’s Kitchen, which lies next to Yogi Chef. As their specialty, the vendor sells adobo which currently is the most popular choice. Other favorites on the menus last week were chicken teriyaki and fried chicken. Compared to the previous vendor, Annie’s Kitchen is expected to expand the barriers of cuisine offered in our canteen. The vendor says that “while we focus on Filipino cuisine, we are aiming to expand into South Asian cuisine as well, such as Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese food.” For many new students, Annie’s Kitchen will provide the experience of our host country’s food. 


As the new vendors provide unique tastes to our lunch, it offers the opportunity to expand our taste and experience the food of other countries. The various nations represented by the food served in the canteen shows the diversity present in our school. Trying food from other countries will help us experience the food culture in other nations. For new students, while having so many vendors may make you have debates on where to buy food from, make sure to experience different vendors the canteen offers! For returning students, enjoy the taste of new cuisine!