Focus on Volleyball: Super IASAS


Article By: Grace K.

Edited By: Liz S.

Visual by: Raina H.

As the school year seems to go by faster and faster, the countdown for the centennial Super-IASAS begins. With only six weeks left before the student-athlete event of the year, the pressure is ever-growing for our first-season athletes. Despite the end of tryouts only being a few weeks ago, a plethora of athletes are already deeply invested in their pursuit of success for this event. Perfect examples of this hard work would be ISM’s very own volleyball teams.


For the volleyball teams to be able to make the most out of Super-IASAS and achieve only top results, the girls’ team libero, Silvana D. (11) says that their “two-hour-long training sessions play a key role in this process.” While the whole team enjoys what they do and the fun that comes along with it, the intensity of their focus cannot be underestimated, as what they do well is “to absorb what is learned and to implement it during games.” In addition, she says that “getting closer together as a team on and off the court” will bring them closer to their “goal of getting gold”.


All angles of approach to IASAS are being covered by both volleyball teams. They’ve even started undergoing unique morale-boosting routines, one of which can be seen in the boys’ team’s warm-ups. Captain of the boys’ varsity team, Ben R. (12) states, “to build hype for IASAS, we run around the hallways”, which calls the attention of any nearby students or even faculty. Such routines are able to gather more push behind their cause and easily make grueling training more fun for the athletes and the rest of the school. 


Some students have really gone above and beyond to help reach their common goal. Julianne L. (10) has been trying to keep spirits high “ever since last year’s season ended”. Going along with this movement, the team has been “brainstorming ideas to be very extra as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity”.


Despite our athletes working hard, there are some worries they have on the road ahead. Returning varsity player and co-captain Koki A. (10) said that “the team is full of new players”, more specifically Ben R. (12( has added that there are only “six returning varsity players”, thus making them work twice as hard and therefore, they are “focusing on basic practice, such as serving the ball”. It doesn’t end there for our players. Silvana D. is anxious about “the mental game and how to play her best under home-court pressure”, as the “psychological aspect is the hardest to overcome.”


We wish the IASAS athletes the best of luck in their pursuit of success. However, worry not as both teams are giving their all to reach their goals and truly make us, as a school, proud.