The Pressure’s On: Soccer Athletes on ISM’s Centennial IASAS

The Pressure’s On - Soccer Athletes on ISM’s Centennial IASAS_Allison_Laude

Writer: Martin F.

Visual: Allison L.

Editor: Liz S.

As another school year starts and as this sports season begins, our beloved soccer athletes prepare for a rigorous, yet exciting event: the triple IASAS event hosted at ISM which celebrates the Centennial year. Today, Bamboo Telegraph explores the perspectives of two of ISM’s young soccer athletes, Alden S. (10), and Kiana H. (10), on what will most likely be a difficult feat to accomplish, an IASAS victory on the fields of ISM.

Alden S., a young, yet experienced athlete, found his love for soccer at the age of five. Since then, he has found a knack for achieving in sports, competing in many foreign countries, as well as having an illustrious soccer record in the Philippines. Representing ISM’s soccer team at IASAS last year, Alden challenges his limits once again, this time representing the school on its centennial. “Every sport, especially soccer, comes with its own stress and pressure, but I feel it’s all worth it at the end,” Alden remarked confidently when asked about the pressure from IASAS. Alden expressed his excitement in representing the school, rejecting negative outlooks on this season’s IASAS, “…there’s just another feeling out there while you’re having fun with your friends, and I feel more motivated to do well this time.”

Like Alden, Kiana H. expressed joy and worry at representing ISM this year. Like Alden, she represented ISM internationally last year, competing against other IASAS teams. “Representing ISM last year at IASAS was extremely challenging for me as a freshman athlete,” she added, “and I feel like it’s gonna be a lot harder now that this IASAS takes place at ISM.” Despite her the stress that comes with sporting events like these, Kiana expressed her excitement in possibly representing ISM’s soccer team. “We have a really good group of girls this year, and it’d be amazing if I get the opportunity to represent [ISM] again at IASAS.”

Still adjusting to the new sports season at hand, our athletes prepare and train for an exciting opportunity for this special IASAS event. Like all athletes involved, Kiana and Alden are prepared to face some extraordinary challenges this season!