Club Expo 2019

Club Expo_Issy_Po-01

Writer: Clara H.

Visual: Nabil R.

Editor: Gisele F.

Last Wednesday, ISM’s annual Club Expo took place in the Lofthouse. This is a big event for the ISM students, wherein clubs and societies are given a chance to promote their organizations, especially to underclassmen and new students. During the event, the Lofthouse is filled with students walking around and signing up for clubs, and council members using delicious food to entice people to join their respective organisations.

There are over 30 clubs at ISM: service clubs such as CCV (Chosen Children Village) and Kasama, cultural clubs including PCC (Philippines Cultural Club) and KCC (Korean Cultural Club) and interest clubs such as Astronomy Club and Code Club, as well as publications like our very own Bamboo Telegraph. Club Expo is also a great opportunity for relatively new or lesser-known clubs to market themselves and solicit new members. For example, the WORLD (World of Reformers Leading Development) Club is a new pilot club committed to anything Social Studies related, including tutoring support, a publication featuring ISM student work on social studies topics, and service trips. 

At this year’s Club Expo, club council members undertook great effort to exhibit themselves. They came to school early on a late-start day to claim and decorate booths and prepared food and other giveaways to make their club more appealing. During Club Expo, the Lofthouse was loud and lively, with the council members speaking with microphones and even chanting!

These club promotion efforts definitely pay off. Even as a brand new club, “the WORLD club was able to recruit over 70 members!” said club vice-president Robyn L. (11) “The rest of the council and I were all really proud of our work when so many people showed interest in our club. Club Expo tremendously helped in advertising the WORLD club,” she added. 

Club Expo is a great event for new students and underclassmen to get involved in school activities, and even find or develop their passion. Freshman Suyeon S., who experienced her first Club Expo said, “As soon as I entered the Lofthouse, I felt great excitement from all the people there. Everyone was busy looking for clubs.” She also said “I think Club Expo really helps freshmen to be more engaged in the school community, and it gives them more opportunity to participate in school events. I am glad that ISM has this useful event.”

As ISM is a very diverse community with a myriad of different clubs, through Club Expo, everyone is sure to find a club that they will enjoy being part of!