ISM Renovations

ISM Renovations_Nabil&Issy-01Writer: Joaquin P.

Visual: Issy P.

Editor: Lauren Z.

The ISM community is known to always strive for constant improvement. This even extends to the campus, as with the start of every new school year comes new renovations and improvements.  Every year Bearcats are guaranteed to see something new around campus upon their return from their summer vacation.

One major change from last school year is the new Dance Studio. It has been expanded and given a complete makeover, including new soundproofing on the walls. In addition, there are new features to ensure that dancers have a safe experience perfecting their craft, such as spring floors to promote safety while performing maneuvers. The expansion overall gives the dancers more space to perform their routines, as they have more room to be even more dynamic than they already are. The reception of the changes has been quite positive from ISM’s dance community. Dance Company member Jacque B. enthusiastically said that “the new dance studio is the perfect space for dancers to push their limits. The higher ceiling allows us to reach higher, both literally and figuratively. The spring floors ensure a soft landing from jumps and lifts, reducing the risk of injury.” When asked about what her dance teacher, Mrs. Barlongay, thought about it, Jacque replied that “I’m sure her favorite part is the purple soundproofing around the studio because she’s obsessed with purple, but it also keeps us from disturbing the people in the surrounding facilities because I’m sure they are tired of hearing us jumping around all the time.”

Another renovation that excites many of ISM’s student-athletes is the refurbishment of the HS track. The track surface has been completely changed, which makes for a better running experience for those who use it. This was done just in time for first-season Cross Country, and many runners are looking forward to using it. “It makes for a good experience,” said junior Jaewon C. Cross Country runner Chloe V. said that, “I’m liking the new HS track! It definitely feels and looks cleaner which is great. After cross country training we usually stretch as a team on the track. With the old track, the melted parts used to stain our shorts but now it doesn’t so that definitely saves us from trying to intensely wash it off.”

With all of those exciting renovations having taken place over the summer, Bearcats have a lot to look forward to this year. Who knows what new or improved facilities the next summer will bring for the 2020-2021 school year?