Slow And Steady Wins The Race: XC Runners’ Take On ISM’s Super IASAS

Cross Country Super IASAS_Shawna_Tan

Writer: Yoomee S.

Visuals: Shawna T.

Editor:​ Liz S.

For everyone involved- students, coaches, administrators, parents, and fellow Bearcats- IASAS is arguably the most anticipated event of the school year. With hopes of bringing home triple gold, season one athletes are rigorously training in preparation for the Centennial year’s Super IASAS. 

This year’s very first Friday Night Lights provided Bearcats with a taste of the palpable excitement that will be seen during the Super IASAS. In both the gymnasium and on the field, Bearcats proudly flaunted their volleyball and soccer spirits in the face of electrifying roars from spectators and competitors alike. 

However, ISM’s Cross Country (XC) team has yet to show the commitment, sacrifices, and persistence they have made in honor of the upcoming Super IASAS. 

The intensity of the training that the athletes endure is very high. Every practice prepares runners for unpredictable racing conditions by incorporating various changes in terrain, elevation, and speed. Runners regularly tackle long runs, tempo runs, and long/short interval training in preparation for the Super IASAS. 

According to varsity runner Ignacio M., “all runners are expected to run six days a week.” 

“Each run effectively pushes the limits of [their] physical abilities,” says Sophomore Mari K. Although it is challenging at times, she appreciates a consistent running schedule that “helps [her] body adapt to the physical rigor of the sport.” 

Chloe V., an avid member of the XC team, further expresses that countless hours are spent “train[ing runners’] mental midgets to become mental giants.” Evidently, this year is no different– to sharpen their mental fortitudes, runners face daily trials of mental strength. When their legs feel heavy and their lungs begin to scream, runners must decide between easing up their pace or barrelling through the pain. However, despite the blood, sweat, and tears sacrificed into every practice, the XC team is grateful for their rigorous training, for the shared hardships forge a connection runners exclusively understand. 

Returning Senior Agnes R. claims that the XC team is “the most supportive team [she has] ever been a part of.”

Elise E., another flourishing athlete, supported this. Because XC has a greater degree of individuality over other IASAS sports, she shares that “you can’t be frustrated at your teammates for performing badly.” Ultimately, all you can do is “support one another, […] which motivates everyone to perform better!” 

Many of ISM’s finest athletes are expressing joys and worries regarding the Centennial Year. When questioned about the pressure IASAS brings, the XC team responded confidently. 

Agnes expressed her excitement of potentially re-representing ISM this season: “If I was to run the race, I’m not quite sure I would feel more pressure,” she shared. “But at the end of the day,” Agnes reflects that if she was to feel greater pressure, the “immense support from everyone” would motivate her to push the limits of her physical abilities. 

ISM’s runners have only recently exhibited the fruits of their labor. Students, parents, and faculty alike are eagerly anticipating a successful kick-off to the Centennial Year by our most diligent and eager runners. We wish the IASAS runners the best of luck this season!