5 Podcasts Every Bearcat Should Listen to 

Top 5 podcasts (2)

Writer: Solenne Santos

Recently, the popularity of podcasts has increased. As students in Manila, there are a lot of opportunities to listen to them- opportunities that manifest themselves while we are sitting in traffic or during study breaks. However, despite their growing popularity, some of us have never listened to podcasts before. Here are 5 podcasts every Bearcat should listen to.

1) TED Radio Hour 

TED Radio Hour is based on talks given on the renowned TED stage about captivating ideas, extraordinary inventions, and new approaches to old problems. Hosted by Guy Raz, each episode is centered on a different theme, addressing various interests. This show has a universal appeal that most crowds will enjoy listening to.

2) Stuff You Should Know

An Award winning podcast, Stuff You Should Know talks about anything and everything as it tackles complex topics in a more simple and fun manner. The hosts, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, touch upon historical explanations to film reviews. The podcast is also consistently on the iTunes list of the top 10 podcasts. 

3) Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain (recommended by Mr. Cook), covers the unconscious patterns that influence human behavior, our choices, and the development of our relationships through science and storytelling. Hosted by Shankar Vedentam, a journalist and author of “The Hidden Brain” book, you’re guaranteed insightful information and a deeper understanding of human actions from a completely different perspective . 

4) No Such Thing As A Fish 

Recommended by Mr. Relf, No Such Thing As A Fish is  presented James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber. Each episode in this podcast is focused on a favorite fact each of them have learned throughout the week. From talks about the Middle Ages to learning about the worst place to get stung by a bee, No Such Thing As A Fish covers unconventional  topics . 

5) 411 teen 

411 teen, a podcast running for the last 20 years, covers a range of topics concerning adolescent life.  From college applications to social media, 411 teen collects input from teenagers around the world and assembles interesting and relevant information for its intended audience. As high school seniors tend to their last few months of being a teen, listening to this podcast can allow  them to enjoy their fleeting moments as adolescents. 

Whether you’ve listened to one before or not, podcasts can be enjoyable for anyone as long as the subject is something you’re interested in. As Mr. Relf says, “podcasts are a really engaging way to find out information you would have never really thought about before.” During a break, have a listen to one and you’re guaranteed to find something you enjoy listening to.