Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle_Sohyun_ParkWriter: Sophia L.

Editor: Amelie D.

Ever since the beginning of time, trees have absorbed all our air pollution, releasing clean oxygen for us to breathe in. However, due to climate change-induced wildfires in both California and Brazil, the need to adopt sustainable practices has never been more dire. In our ISM community, despite sustainability being valued highly, we too need to work on our own habits. 

With that in mind, here are some simple tips to help you become more sustainable!

Tip 1: Reduce your electricity consumption

As we all know, in order to generate electricity, power plants rely primarily on fossil fuels. The burning of these fuels creates air pollution by emitting greenhouse gases. By simply switching off your lights and air conditioning after leaving a room, unplugging appliances that aren’t being used, and decreasing your shower time, you are already on your way to living a more sustainable life!  This tip is arguably the easiest to follow and possibly one of the most effective when it comes to sustainability. 

Tip 2: Shop with a reusable bag

When going shopping, being sustainable is not often the first thing on our minds. However, all the plastic and paper bags that we use take a toll on our environment, especially when they aren’t disposed of or recycled correctly. An easy way to solve this would be to simply throw in a reusable bag or two into any bag you are currently using, so that when the need arises, you have somewhere to put your new purchases in that reduces your waste. A good option for these bags are tote bags, which you can find just about anywhere in countless styles.

Tip 3: Purchase a metal straw

Did you know that in the latest coastal cleanup in the Philippines around 269,000 items were plastic straws and stirrers ? Plastic straws are a type of single use plastic, therefore they are not biodegradable. Metal (or even bamboo) straws are a much more sustainable alternative because they can continually be reused. Freshman Bella R. recommends this tip, saying that “it’s really easy to use a metal straw because I just keep it in my bag and then use it whenever I need it. It’s also really good knowing that I’m helping the environment just by using my straw.”

Tip 4: Carpool

Instead of riding on your own to and from school everyday, try carpooling! It’s one of the most fun and quite effective ways in practicing sustainability. All you need is a friend (or more) who lives in the same area as you. That way, less Co2 is emitted into our atmosphere and you can also catch up with your friends, and maybe even make new ones. 

These tips are all extremely simple and can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. If we can change our lifestyles to take care for our environment, the environment in return will care for us.