How IASAS Scholars Find Balance

IASAS Scholars_Yana_PoArticle by: Scott F.

Edited by: Lucas V.

Visual by: Mariana P.

The IASAS Scholar award is one of the most coveted awards handed out at the end of each school year. Obtaining this recognition is hard as the requirements include: Participation in two IASAS events and a final GPA of 6 or higher. Most wonder how such athletes are capable of staying atop both the athletic and academic fields. Bamboo Telegraph talked to two IASAS Scholars to find out some secrets that helped them find their balance.

Shain, a senior who wears the Scholar patch proudly on her varsity jacket, participated in 3 IASAS events last year: Touch Rugby, Golf, and CulCon art. When asked how she managed her time, Shain replied, “When you’re focusing on one [athletics or academics], don’t think about the other.” Many athletes will find this piece of advice helpful as almost everyone can relate to worrying about homework during practice or fretting about the upcoming game during class.

Furthermore, Shain goes onto say that “playing sports actually helps [her] academics in a way”, which goes to show how a student’s athletics and academics don’t need to detract from each other. While Shain does love her sports, her advice to those that are struggling with balancing the two fields is to “focus on academics” because “the education ISM gives you can’t be found anywhere else in the Philippines.”

Another IASAS scholar, Saiya, who is a junior, participated in both the Football and Touch Rugby IASAS tournaments last year.  One tip she shared with BT was to “try to limit procrastination and form good relationships with your teachers so extra help is easy to access.” Like Shain, Saiya believes that you don’t have to worry about your academics while engaging in athletics, and vice versa. She has put this wisdom into practice since freshman year, and this has helped her rake in many substantial achievements. 

Both Shain and Saiya have proven that they can successfully balance their athletic and academic commitments. With their healthy habits in place, they will continue to improve in both fields. BT encourages the HS community to find their balance as well and perhaps more students will wear the scholar patch on their varsity jacket in 9 months time.