You Are What You Eat: Athlete Diets in ISM

You Are What You Eat_Allison_Laude

Article by: Martin F.

Visual by: Allison L.

Edited by: Liz S.

Food is a daily essential need. Everyone needs to keep a balanced amount of nutrients in their meals. However, our beloved ISM athletes participate in vigorous exercise and physical activity daily, so they have to pay close attention to what they eat, and how they choose to eat it. 

Most athletes’ diets depend on the amount, intensity, and duration of their workout. Depending on the activity, some athletes consume more food for energy. “I usually try to get around 4000 calories a day.” said cross-country athlete, Ian C., “It really depends on how intense my practice is, I usually burn around 2000 [calories] a day.” To compensate for the exhausting daily physical activity, Ian C. usually eats dinner loaded with carbohydrates and protein, “I’ll also usually have some eggs and toast for breakfast three hours before a race,” he added, “I drink lots of Gatorade, water, and I’ll maybe have a protein bar while preparing.” Ian is challenged by the constant maintenance of his daily schedule and diet, “I usually run for 6 days a week for a couple of hours, so my meal has to depend on that.” 

Like Ian C., Ganden P., a sophomore swimmer displayed similar needs for food. “You really have to carefully choose what meals you pick before exercising,” Ganden emphasised, “usually if I eat junk food before I swim, I feel really heavy and slow in the water.” Many athletes depend on the nutrients provided by a balanced diet, as each meal requires a certain amount of vegetables, carbs and proteins. “I’ll have a mix of vegetables, broccoli, corn, and potatoes, and a side of either chicken or beef.” as Ganden described his diet. “I’ll have a two-hour swim in the morning, and I practice around three times a week, so I really have to pay close attention to what I eat.”

Whether it be swimming or running, both Ganden and Ian have to constantly maintain their diets to prepare for victory in their respective competitions. Bamboo Telegraph strongly encourages its readers, athletes, and students alike, to be conscious of their meals to promote good health!