iPhone 11: Cop or drop?

The11thIPhone_Anushka_Vijay-01Writer: Yerin K.

Visual: Anushka V.

Editor: Norbu D.

September 21, in 2012, Apple shocked the media by announcing the iPhone 5, the first iPhone to be released without the iconic square on the home button. September 16, 2016, the publication of the iPhone 7 created endless taunting memes, and controversies regarding the questionable decision of removing the headphone jack, and releasing the first airpods. November 3, 2017, the first ever iPhone to be worth $999 (52,202 pesos) is launched as the iPhone X. Now, in 2019, the iPhone 11 has been announced, with arguably the most changes regarding it’s features and visuals from the past version. 

As an Android user that was always a little too short to afford the costly prices of Apple, I for once actually consider the numerical demand to be quite reasonable, compared to the iPhone X last year. However, I do believe that a lot of the changes that the company hypes up is quite excessive and redundant. Nonetheless, Apple should brace themselves for their annual wave of criticism as it has already sparked up quite diverse and creative memes from the media once more. 

Surprisingly, the iPhone 11 has been released at a lower price than the iPhone X with a demand of $699 (36383 pesos). Some clear changes in attributes were popularly publicized, which focused on the visuals and camera. When asked about the price and features of the iPhone 11, sophomore Juria K. says, “The prices for all iPhone 11, Pro, and Max are reasonable, but still isn’t worth it for people who aren’t crazy into photography.” This has been the common opinion from the public since Apple primarily emphasized the significantly improved camera quality in their advertising campaign. I too believe that the company is too concentrated on their ability to improve the condition of the camera, as evidenced by the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max creating a new trademark look of the triple camera system which enables ultra-wide footage with a 4K HDR footage.

The newly added colours were also a major change and by far garnered the most positive feedback. On top of the original colours, brand new colours of mint green, lavender, and blue, and yellow were also added. Amina K. (10), enthused “They’re really branching out, so if you’re feeling like lavender, you can go get lavender. If you’re feeling like yellow, you can go get yellow. If you’re feeling blue, you can go on and cop that blue.” 

Many share this belief, however opinions diverge between those who enjoy the aesthetic and those who believe that the company isn’t focusing on improving the iPhone quality as a whole. Angela K. (10) says that “they [Apple] are adding the most unnecessary features and are only doing so for shock value.” Some beliefs similar to this express their criticism over the sudden increase in features and visuals. 

Love it or not, every release of the iPhone results in Apple’s success; currently, this is demonstrated by the unreleased iPhone already trending as the “Mitosis camera” in the media. Even if the iPhones always receive so much criticism when first released, there is a clear tendency of people to flock to stores and purchase the Apple product in a matter of time. In spite of that, I believe that these new iPhones feature considerably more changes than before, and though some are redundant, they still offer a benefit worthy of increasing the prices.