MUN Locals 2019

MUN LOC _ Nabs R (1)Writer: Clara H.

Visuals: Nabil R., Charlize C., Elizabeth C., Alekhya R.

Editor:​ Gisele F.

Model United Nations (MUN) Locals is an event where delegates from all over the Philippines, even from Cebu, come together to discuss important global issues and find solutions for them. This year’s MUN Locals was held here at ISM. The school was filled with over 200 students eager to debate about global problems. IMG_0577MUN Locals 2019 started off with an opening ceremony in the Fine Arts Theater (FAT). Secretary General Keerthana B. (Grade 12, ISM) delivered a speech about what MUN is to her. According to Keerthana, she’s been doing MUN since her freshman year. She said she “enjoys doing MUN because you never really get a chance to talk about political subjects outside of school other than by MUN.” She elaborated further saying, “In MUN you are able to discuss different problems and feel as if you are contributing to a better society.” IMG_5287Following Keerthana, the President of General Assembly Patrick K. (Grade 12, BSM) also gave a speech. He said that he started MUN because he is “really into reading and talking about politics” and that he “learned how to be diplomatic and convince others, as things can’t always be about yourself”. IMG_5379Next, the delegates and chairs were separated into 6 committees the Human Rights Council, International Court of Justice, General Assembly 1, General Assembly 4, Economic and Social Council, and Security Council. Within each committee the delegates presented their solutions about different topics.DSC_4547Dylan Y. (Grade 9, ISM) was part of General Assembly 4, where they discussed the territorial disputes in Kashmir. Whereas some people such as Patrick K. (mentioned above) started MUN because of their passion for politics, others like Dylan  joined MUN because they “wanted to learn and practice public speaking.” When asked about how he felt about MUN Locals, he answered: “I think it’s a great opportunity for me to get more experience in public speaking and debating. I was also able to meet people from all over the Philippines and make new friends!”IMG_5442Aside from delegates’ differing reasons for joining MUN, their experience in MUN varied too. From those who have been doing MUN for one-third of their life to those who just started this year, such as Junior Keitaro H. from ISM. Despite this being his first year doing MUN, his passion for it was no less than others. “MUN is so fun!” he exclaimed. “I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier.” He added, “I like MUN because I can be involved in global politics, find and debate about solutions to global issues, and learn other people’s perspectives.” IMG_0613The Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) was one of the biggest committees. This group discussed about the implementation of universal healthcare, the socio-economic crisis in Venezuela, and sustainable development in rural communities. Lila W. (grade 11, ISM) was part of this committee. She commented, “Although I was not active in MUN during my underclassmen years, I have decided to continue it because I find MUN to be the first step to evoking change in this developing world. Overall, MUN Locals was really fun. You get to make new friends from different schools, and MUN has allowed me to grow as a person, improving my communication skills and opening my perspectives.”

The delegates presented their solutions on Friday, and on Saturday, the delegates debated on their resolutions. The best one was chosen by the chairs and presented in plenary.

MUN Locals is a great event for students to show what they have prepared for the past month of MUN season. In the next few weeks, people will be selected for THIMUN and IASAS MUN, so let’s all wish them good luck!