Long-Term Bearcat Pride

Throwback to Middle School - LARAVEYS MAHMOUDI

Article by: Carmel L.

Visual by: Laraveys M.

Edited by: James Y.

Though ISM is home to all Bearcats, many students feel a greater sense of Bearcat pride when they  have spent over a decade of their lives studying at ISM. Every year, the Kawayan yearbook celebrates these students’ loyalty through its “13-14 Year Club” page, which features students who have been at ISM since preschool and kindergarten. Every one of these students experience a wave of nostalgia walking through the middle school corridors, running into an elementary school teacher, or even just spending time on the ES playground for the first time in years. We at BT interviewed some seniors who will be departing from their Bearcat home in 2020, and asked them to reflect on their years here.

“It feels crazy that I’ll be leaving ISM next year!” expresses senior Omar K. when asked about his emotions regarding graduating. When asked about what he’ll miss the most, he says, “the people. Because I’ve been here for so long, I’ve become a part of a really tight community that I’ll be sad to leave. Also, I’ll miss the canteen, too!” Senior Muskaan C. expresses similar sentiments; “I’m definitely going to miss the community so much. I’ve been here for fourteen years; aside from my friends, I have gotten really close to a lot of the faculty and will miss being around them all the time.”

An anonymous senior recalls a moment from junior year where she suddenly realized that her graduation was the end of her ISM years; “I actually found out that my eighth grade math teacher, Dr. Lacson was retiring; he was one of my favorite teachers I’d ever had at ISM and it really made me realize how much time has passed since I left middle school.” She feels a strong sense of Bearcat pride; “our batch is really close-knit, and we all love ISM. It’s insane to think that we are all going to be heading our different ways next year.” It comes as a shock to many seniors how their time at ISM will not last forever, but with that comes a feeling of excitement with what the future may hold. 

Bearcat pride is undeniably present within the batch of 2020 and will definitely permeate through the younger batches as they each come to their own graduations. For long-term bearcats, ISM has shaped their personalities and ways of thinking, which is an effect that cannot easily be forgotten. As senior year approaches its most hectic period, it is tempting for students to lose sight of the larger picture– the time spent growing up at ISM. Given how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the ever present workload, it is important for all bearcats to take a moment to breathe and remember to cherish their final months as bearcats!