Teachers and Super IASAS

SpiritVsAcademics_Raina_HwangWritten by: Solenne S.

Visual by: Raina H.

Edited by: Liz S.

The Triple-Sport Super IASAS isle than less week away and every Bearcat would rather be cheering their schoolmates on than being in the classroom. However, the students being able to attend IASAS all depends on their teachers as they decide what to prioritize: supporting the teams in this once in a lifetime opportunity or doing their current classwork. Here are some insights from different teachers showing to what extent they value this highly anticipated event. 

Mr. Berg: Geography

As a former IASAS player, Mr. Berg understands that it is very important for students to cheer on their schoolmates as it is a community building event. Mr Berg says, “Being able to get the kids out of the classroom even for thirty minutes is important for the whole community.” As it is only a seasonal event, Berg also notes, “IASAS  is only 3 times a year and as someone who has participated in IASAS, I believe that teachers should soften their lesson plans to encourage students to watch and cheer on their friends.” 

Mr. Rosensweig: Math

Being a new teacher in ISM, Mr. Rosenzweig believes that IASAS is very important to the students in the school. “Where the class is in the lesson plan determines whether or not I will take them to IASAS since class work should be done before going,” says Mr. Rosenzweig.  “If the class is doing well and if I feel that taking a break by attending will help them, then I will take them.” Since he has never experienced one himself, he says, “I am still learning about the importance of IASAS as I can see that it is very valued by students and is essential for school spirit. I am hoping that after seeing the event, it will just be as important to me as well.”

Ms. Birchenall: Wellness

As a teacher who has been in ISM for over a decade, Ms. Birchenall recognizes the importance of IASAS. As a wellness teacher, she always makes an effort to balance academics with athletics. “I always support IASAS if we are hosting and I am thinking of taking my classes to most games.” As a teacher, Ms. Birchenall believes that “We should let the athletes focus on their game by decreasing their academic work for this period of time.” After hearing this from Ms. Birchenall, it is clear that it is important to support athletes who represent our school.

As IASAS is right around the corner, it is important for us Bearcats to understand how important this event is to the other five IASAS schools and our own. Being able to support the students would heavily affect the success of the games. Good luck to our athletes, and to our other Bearcats, see you in the stands!