Super IASAS vs. the ISM plague

190101 BT Visuall TemplateWriter: Patricia W.

Visual: Izzie P.

Editor: Ishani S.

Super IASAS weekend came and went with a blink of an eye; the excitement stirred and sated in a matter of three days! The mix of competitive sports and fervent cheering, nevertheless, roused the ISM spirit in ES, MS, and HS students alike. However, this exciting centennial event also took place during a very weird time: in the midst of the “ISM plague,” as it is colloquially called by students. Though the peak of the ISM illness has passed, remnants of the sickness prevailed even during Super IASAS. This begs the question: How did the ISM plague affect our athletes?

“Not many of us were really affected by what’s going around during actual IASAS. However, during training, multiple people got sick, which was pretty tough,” says Jacob (9), who played in the boy’s volleyball team. “I still think we did pretty well. We played our best and the illness going around didn’t stop us,” he added with a big smile.

Sawapo (9), an athlete who participated in cross-country says, “I got sick myself but I tried my best and persevered through it, just like any other athlete who may have competed with the flu or had the flu and was still recovering.” Fellow cross country athlete, Ryan (9), agreed with a nod.

“I got sick when everyone else was sick,” Ysabelle (12), girls’ soccer, admits with a laugh. “I was worried at first but with the help of my amazing team members, we got through it. I did my best to get better and perform at my best.” 

“During IASAS, a lot of ISM students were still sick. However, not as much as the previous weeks. Most of those who came to the clinic were students from other schools, with maybe a handful of ISM athletes. And it was usually because of sports injuries and not the flu that’s going around,” says Kuya Joel, one of the clinic nurses. “However, at one point, a fifth of ISM students were sick! I am not surprised if some athletes had to compete while still recovering,” he continues.

Our athletes persevered through tough times and did their best at our centennial year. This Super IASAS will forever be deeply engraved in our school’s history, and so will us persevering through the legendary 20% of the student population being sick! 

Congratulations to the hardworking athletes and thank you to everyone that made such a special IASAS come true! ‘Till next season!