Jacob and Coach T. in Focus

An athlete and coach in focus- Somya DuggalWritten by: Solenne S.

Visual by: Somya D.

Edited by: Liz S.

Being a freshman in varsity can be a lot of pressure, especially if your dad is the coach of your team. Jacob T. is a varsity basketball athlete and his first year under Coach T., his dad. Jacob has played basketball for ten years and it’s a hobby he is very passionate about. Coach T. has been coaching basketball for 14 years which influenced Jacobs’s decision to learn the sport at a young age. 

As a 6 foot athlete, Jacob is positioned as a forward and occasionally as a center. When asked what it was like to have his dad as a coach, he said “it is just like having any other coach but with higher expectations.” Although some people might say having your parent as a coach makes it easier for the player, Jacob feels slightly more pressured. “I feel like I have to prove to others that the reason why I made the team was not just because my dad is the coach.” Besides the pressure, Jacob is excited to play with the team and be a part of it. 

As mentioned before, Coach T. has been coaching basketball for 14 years. As each year passes, the team loses players as they graduate or move away. Coach T. says that “practices will probably go slower this year as there are fewer returners.” When asked what it is like to coach Jacob he said, “It is great as he asks questions and he always wants to get better.” For the past two years, ISM has been neck to neck with both ISB and SAS in the final at IASAS but has not made first place. This year, the players are eager for gold and are going to make the most out of their practices to win the championships in JIS.

Ironically, having a parent as a coach places slightly more pressure on the player as they feel like they have to prove their attainment on the team to others. While there may not be as many returning players this year, that won’t stop the team from making it to the finals with the help of Coach T. and additional team members like Jacob.