Manila Staycation


Writer: Eve H.

Visual: Kiana H.

Editor: Ishani S.

As we all know, the October Break is fast approaching, and everyone in the ISM community is looking forward to their vacations on tropical islands, in exotic cities, relaxing by the beach, or exploring and discovering art, food and culture.  Everyone, that is, except the sad minority (myself included) who are staying in Manila. Whether it is because your family isn’t going anywhere, or whether you are chained to your desk because of a towering IB workload, never fear, because I am here to give you some ideas and inspiration of what to do during your October break in Manila. After interviewing some of our bearcats and planning my own staycation, I have found some exciting trips and activities, so that when your friends come back tan and relaxed from Japan, Thailand, Boracay, or wherever they have been, you can say that you had just as much fun.

         For those with time on their hands, there are many day trips you can easily make from Metro Manila. Tagaytay, a popular holiday spot for Manila residents, is a roughly 2 hour journey from Metro Manila and is well worth the travel time to see the beautiful views of Lake Taal and the Taal Volcano. In Tagaytay, there are cool spots like Breakfast at Antonio’s, a popular dining destination in Tagaytay. For the nature lover (or not, this is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone) you can take a boat from Tagaytay for a 15 minute ride across the lake to get to the foot of the volcano. The scenic hike to the top takes about 50 minutes where you can see the smaller lake in the center of the volcano. The hike is not a difficult one, and great for families! On the way back to Manila, be sure to pick up a fresh Buko Pie, as the area is famous for them!

         There are also great places to go within Metro Manila for a half-day trips(although you can stay there as long as you like)! There are lovely hikes you can take in Nuvali and La Mesa, to enjoy the fresh air, or you can drive to Antipolo to visit the Pinto Art Museum. This museum, staged in traditional Spanish Mission style chapels and buildings, house contemporary and traditional Filipino Art, with some foreign indigenous pieces. In between the buildings are lush sculpture gardens, comfy seating areas and many photo opportunities, not to mention their delicious restaurant! You can also head down to Intramuros, the old walled city of Manila. Learn a bit more about Filipino history, take a Kalesa ride, admire the Colonial Spanish buildings and explore the historic town and its cobblestone streets.

         Finally, for those staying within Taguig or Makati, celebrate the spooky season by re-watching all your favorite Halloween movies, or going to see some new ones with friends, like Maleficent, The Addams Family, and The Joker, which are all in cinemas now.


Whatever you are doing, I hope you all have a great and restful break and come back refreshed for the end of the year!