How to Hack Your Spotify


How to hack your Spotify - Somya Duggal.jpgWriter: Megh B.

Editor: Amelie D.

Without a doubt, the streaming website Spotify has revolutionized music in more ways than could ever be imagined. 

Through specially curated playlists and user features, listening to music has never been as interactive as now. Spotify has led us to a new era of music, creating a platform of expression for ISM students, as well as an outlet to destress from the IB.

Tip 1: Discover Weekly and Release Radar

Mondays don’t always have to be so dreary when you have Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist! Spotify’s algorithm gives users a customized  playlist every Monday, consisting of recommended songs based on what you’ve been listening to for the past week. This is perhaps one of the best ways to maximize your Spotify, as you can discover a plethora of new music from your favorite artists, genres, and more! 

Furthermore, your very own ‘Release Radar’ playlist is updated every single Friday, teeming with new songs from artists you listen to. The playlist is a great way to keep up with your favorite artists and ensure you never miss the release of a new song or album!

Tip 2: Friend Activity

Spotify has a feature allowing you to view what your friends are listening to in real time- possibly one of the best features of this streaming service. As soon as you follow one of your friends, their user pops up on the far right column with the song they are currently listening to. 

Not only can you listen to your favorite artists and music, but Spotify acts as a social platform with friends, and even celebrities!

Having your friends be involved in your music-listening experience is definitely a plus, as you can even make collaborative playlists with them!

Tip 3: Daily Mixes

On top of Discover Weekly and Release Radar, the app gives you the motherlode of playlists: 6 ‘Daily Mixes’ with songs pertaining to a specific genre that you’ve been listening to. A majority of the songs in the playlists are songs that you have been playing quite frequently, but they even include some recommendations based on the genre.

Tip 4: Your Artists Know Best!

If you scroll all the way past your artist of choice’s discography, you can see a section of their profile called ‘Artist Playlists.’ Not all artists will have this, but for the ones that do, definitely take advantage of this! This is a chance to see what your favorite artist is listening to on a daily basis, as well as tracks that inspired them to make their own music.

Tip 5: Not Just Music!

Students all around ISM use Spotify in a multitude of different ways. The app caters to various mediums of audio, one of which are podcasts. ISM’s own podcast, ‘Firelit’, is one example of this.  

Junior Christian L. piloted ‘Firelit Radio,’ under Liham, ISM’s literary magazine. When asked what the objective of Firelit was, Christian stated that the podcast was “a youth collective” whose main goal was to “discuss literature and how it shapes the world around us.” (Firelit already has 2 episodes out, so make sure to tune in!)

Other than Firelit, Spotify has a diverse range of podcasts surrounding everything from conspiracy theories, health and wellness, and education.

Happy listening, Bearcats!