IASAS Film 2019

WebWriter: Clara H.

Visual: Nabil R.

Editor: Gisele F.

This year, IASAS Film takes place at Singapore American School (SAS). Being only on its fifth year, IASAS Film is a relatively new IASAS event and participation has been underwhelming. 

Many people thought and continue to think that IASAS Film is not worth travelling for nor getting a varsity jacket. Junior Anagha C. agrees that IASAS Film was underrated. She said “not many people know a lot about Film. I think it’s because Film is not a compulsory course; students only start Film in High School, whereas music was compulsory in Middle School.”

However, since last year, attitudes toward Film have been changing, as IASAS Film has become a travelling event. Charlize C., Junior who takes Film, added, “Film takes so much effort and energy; I thought before that people underrate it and it didn’t receive enough credit.”

During its first three years, it was not a travelling event. Only since last year did delegates who have produced the best films get a chance to travel. Two of them got to travel last year, while this year, the number quadrupled to 8. Quite remarkable is the fact that among eight delegates, five are sophomores. 

Joaquin P. is one of the selected sophomores. His film “Patient” centers around “a person with delusional disorder who perceives himself as a prisoner and wants to break out from prison. However his plan is all for naught since the situation never really existed.” When asked about why he started film, and what he likes about it, he answered “I have been a film artist since the 7th grade. My teachers, even then, said that I had a lot of potential and many great visions. Personally, I believe that film is a fantastic art form in order to convey emotion, ideas, and development.”

  Another sophomore Dongwook K., an editor of the film “Patient”, expressed his excitement about IASAS Film, “I’m really looking forward to the film workshops so that I can improve my filmmaking skills.” Not only is IASAS Film an event for students to learn more about filmmaking, it is also where students get to meet other students from different schools and foster new friendships. “I am excited to travel and collaborate with students from different countries!” said Dongwook. 

Overall, not only is the perception of IASAS Film is changing, but it is also a great chance for students to portray their artistic side. Hopefully, as representatives of Film in ISM, the delegates can help Film be more recognized by everyone!