MUN Visual - Issy Po-01Writer: Joaquin P.

Visual: Issy P.

Editor: Ishani S.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a role-playing simulation in which delegates are given an issue of global significance and a country to represent. On Wednesday, the ISM MUN delegates headed to the International School of Kuala Lumpur for IASAS to debate and deliberate over the most controversial issues facing today’s world.

A MUN conference takes a lot of preparation. Delegates spend time researching their country’s stance on their assigned issue and action that the country took in response. In order to be effective, they also need to research the successes and failures of other countries’ action plans. This culminates in a debate involving all the delegates representing a wide variety of countries and stances. They deliberate over which action plans are the best to take on the issue and finally vote on a resolution stating the committee’s recommendation to resolve it. As every delegate at the conference has done copious amounts of background research, this creates heated debates, part of the allure of the MUN experience. 

The conferences can be very contentious; however, ISM Model United Nations attracts people who already have a passion for analyzing current events at a deep level and discussing them with like-minded people. “It was all very formal to me, so I wanted to join,” remarked junior Suman P., a MUN participant. “Even from 11 years old, that seemed very cool.” 

IASAS MUN delegate Zeki T. (11) said that “I joined MUN it allows me to engage with other people about the issues in our world that affect all of us. I’m very passionate about global issues myself but I also want to meet like-minded people.” With all the hard work and preparation that our delegates have put in, IASAS MUN 2019 is sure to come to a fruitful resolution.