Why Attend College Visits?

Importance of College Workshops and Visits - LaraveysArticle by: Carmel L.

Edited by: James Y.

Visual by: Laraveys M.


With the start of November comes the most intense part of everyone’s favorite season- college application season! Since September, ISM seniors have been consolidating their final test scores, writing supplemental essays, and most importantly, finalizing their university lists. For some, this may be deciding whether they prefer East or West coast weather, while for others, it may mean making sure that their IB predicted grades can be achieved for a lofty conditional offer. ISM’s administration undoubtedly provides a lot of support for seniors during this difficult time. One way in which this support is provided is through frequent college visits from universities all over the world throughout the school year during which students are exposed to different college programs and location options, from cities to suburbs, from public schools to private schools, and even from Australia to Europe. 


Though these workshops are optional, many seniors, such as Liz S., strongly believe that they are useful. “Because they’re optional, you can really tailor the workshops you attend to the ones for universities you will most realistically apply to,” she shares. “Also, they give out really useful handouts! You can get a really good general picture of the university just from the pamphlet alone.” Another senior, Muskaan C., thinks that university representatives provide information from people with firsthand experience, something that often tends to be overlooked in the college research process. “When you listen to a presentation from someone who works there, you begin to understand how people at that university act. If you feel like you connect with the presenter, it’s possible that the university is a good fit, because the presenter feels at home there,” she expresses.


Aside from the presentation itself, an anonymous senior believes that the workshops bring further value to the table. “If a college you really want to go to visits, you are actually able to speak to the presenter before or after the presentation. The presenter is oftentimes the admissions officer for the region!” they explain. “Introducing yourself can hopefully help them remember you when they read your application, and can hopefully add to your demonstrated interest!” 


There exists a general consensus in the senior community that the college workshops are a vital element to the college application process of ISM students, and should be more frequently utilized. The ISM administration does a great job of providing extensive resources for students, making it nearly impossible for them to feel alone while tackling senior year responsibilities. As December rolls around, BT wishes the best of luck to all Bearcats for all of their applications, no matter where you’re applying to!