The First Semana Hispana

KianaHudaya_SHS_Features-01Writer: Keitaro H.

Visual: Kiana H.

Editor: Gisele F.

Spanish Honor Society (SHS) presents, “Semana Hispana” (Hispanic Week), a whole week dedicated to Hispanic culture! From November 25 to 29, prepare to be immersed in various activities and taste a variety of foods that all relate to Hispanic culture. With festivities during lunch, after school, and even during assembly, this week will surely have something that will entice you.

The SHS council has worked hard to organize the events and is looking forward to the greater involvement of the ISM community. As this is the inaugural year of Semana Hispana, the council has set many goals for the week. The president of SHS, Sofia B., has a strong understanding of what the council wants to achieve throughout the week. The main focus is to create an experience in which the ISM community can interact with the rich culture and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. She stressed the importance of interacting with Hispanic culture, pointing to how “Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world,” and that “different Hispanic countries vary greatly in cuisine, customs and cultures.” To demonstrate this great diversity of Hispanic culture, SHS will put a strong emphasis in also celebrating Hispanic countries other than Mexico and Spain, such as Argentina. 

The week is jam-packed with activities. On Monday, there will be a special performance during assembly. Afterschool, there will be a “Papel Picados” (a decorated tissue paper) making session in Señor Ramos’ room. On Tuesday, there will be a specific focus on Argentina with the first of 4 Tri-M (Music Honor Society) performances taking place during lunch playing traditional Hispanic music. During lunch, there will be a trivia competition regarding spanish speaking countries, with food as a prize outside the Kantina. On Wednesday, there will be a general celebration of Hispanic culture. The main festivity of Wednesday will be a large Hispanic food sale at the courtyard accompanied with another Tri-M performance. On Thursday, there will be two cooking sessions in Señor Ramos’ room: one during lunch (making guacamole) and the other after school (making quesadillas). Finally, on Friday there will be the final Tri-M performance. In the afternoon, to conclude the Hispanic infused week, there will be a Spanish movie titled “Campeones” in the Little Theater after school with a potluck for food. 

The SHS council has been tirelessly working from the beginning of the school year to make sure that the first Semana Hispana is a success. This week will be a great chance to immerse oneself with the Hispanic culture. Have a great Semana Hispana! Que tengas una buena Semana Hispana!