FNL Recap: Thoughts Ahead of Season 2

FNL season 2 recap - Somya Duggal and Chayse Carcamo - final

Written by: Scott F.

Visual by: Somya D.

Edited by: Liz S.

Friday Night Lights (FNL) hosts games full of excitement and pressure to prepare athletes and coaches for the game atmosphere for the remainder of the season. Bamboo Telegraph interviewed both basketball and touch athletes to get their perspectives on what playing during FNL is like.

Mikhail M., a member of the JV boys basketball team reflects on his FNL experience, “FNL provided our team with a chance to showcase the work we’ve put in as well as our dedication to the sport of basketball.” This dedication was clear for JV as they beat the opposing school, Faith, by nearly 70 points. “We now know what we are capable of,” Mikhail notes. But on the flip side, he also underscores how FNL allowed them to see their downfalls as a team. “We made countless mistakes, which I think our coach [Coach Hefte] is doing a good job of pointing out. With the JV squad’s focus now placed on the remainder of the season, they plan to further improve by conditioning themselves for the games to come and giving it their all in practice which will show itself during games. Mikhail says, “Overall FNL was a great experience, especially having the supporters and fans there to watch us play.” Mikhail and the rest of his team are excited for the rest of the season and can’t wait for games to come.

FNL did not only revolve around ISM’s basketball athletes, the bright lights were too shown on the rugby pitch. Samantha M., a freshman on the Varsity girls touch squad, discusses her on-pitch FNL experience. “FNL was very effective for teams in order to practice/try new things to help score against the other team.” After Varsity’s back to back wins, with a focus on the future, they “were really trying to focus on what [they] would need to work on for the upcoming practices leading up to Pre-I and IASAS over the next couple weeks.” 

In the upcoming weeks in Pre-I, league games, and the IASAS exchange, season two athletes such as Mikhail and Samantha will be able to learn from the atmosphere and their performance under the stage of Friday Night Lights.