Pre IASAS Spotlight

Pre-IASASSpotlight_Johanna_OlafssonWriter: Martin F.

Editor: Lucas V.

Visual: Johanna O.

Our beloved athletes are working hard for IASAS, arguably the most prestigious and revered athletic event that ISM participates in. From November 22 to 24, ISM’s athletes took part in Pre-IASAS, a preparatory event that allows schools to compete with each other prior to the main event. Across the 4 host schools, the Bearcats fielded 5 teams: basketball, touch, rugby, tennis, and swimming, each coming home with exciting memories and valuable information to supplement their training. 

Freshman Sammie S. traveled to Singapore to compete in the Touch Pre-IASAS exchange. Winning two games and drawing one with the ISM Girls Touch team, Sammie expressed a slight disappointment in the results but remained hopeful for what her fellow teammates had in store for the main IASAS competition. “I’m a little bit frustrated with how Pre-IASAS turned out, but altogether, the team and I had a lot of fun.” She remarked, “Pre-IASAS is a really good way to see how we’re doing so far, the competition allows to see what kind of skills we need to work on.” Excited for the upcoming IASAS event, Sammie, as well as her fellow teammates, are prepared to go all-in for victory.

Unlike Sammie, sophomore Rand S. and his fellow rugby teammates had no trouble finding satisfaction in the latest Pre-IASAS exchange. Winning 5 out of their 5 matches, it’s safe to say that ISM’s rugby team came back home with some worthwhile results. “We had a really great team performance and a good mix of both new and experienced players,” Rand said confidently. As Rand implies, experienced and brand new players alike get to test their skills against other schools’ sports teams, in preparation for the actual IASAS event. Also on the topic of preparation, Sophomore swimmer Amina K. says, “Pre-IASAS is a really fun, and educational way to see how we’re doing, and what specific skills we need to work on.” Moreover, she adds, “We get to bond with our fellow teammates, while competing with other schools.” Clearly, Pre-IASAS allows teams to experiment with tactics, and strengthen the bonds between returning players, and new additions to the lineup.

Regardless of the results achieved during this Pre-IASAS competition, ISM’s teams will continue to train hard to achieve victory for the main IASAS event. When the time comes, don’t forget to show your support for your fellow Bearcats at the upcoming second season IASAS!