Spotlight on Season 2 Team Captains

Writer: Sarah P.

Editor: Liz S.

Visual: Allison L.

Season 2 sports tryouts bring out the largest cohort of high school athletes in the entire school year. Tennis, rugby, swimming, and basketball form the four sports that carry out through the late months of 2019, and the early months of 2020 

Each sport relies heavily on teamwork and communication to succeed in their games and matches, and team captains have to look over and guide their teams throughout the season. To get a closer look at what it takes to lead a sports team at ISM, BT interviewed team captains from this season: Cecilia I. of the girls’ tennis team and Shain P. of the girls touch rugby team. 

Team captains have some unique obligations. Cecilia noted a few duties being “relaying information to and from the coaches, leading by example, [and] organizing team needs.” Similarly, Shain also mentioned that she was “setting up Secret Santa,” giving some insight into the ways teammates interact off the field. Additionally, she explained, “I provide knowledge as a player who has played for a couple years and I teach the girls some tricks they can learn.” These are just some of the responsibilities captains must take on to help guide their team.

Another important part of leading a team is building camaraderie amongst teammates. Cecelia defined this as “becoming comfortable with everyone,” and Shain described the importance of ensuring “old players interact with the new players [and] building relationships.” They highlighted the benefits of having all members of the team actively communicate and get to know each other, which translated for better results on the court or on the field.

The captains gave some insight on balance as student-athletes. Shain revealed that especially as a captain, she felt “a lot of pressure” and had to learn early on to “have a lot of discipline” when it came to organizing her work in order to have time for practices. Cecilia referenced the efforts of balancing her personal growth with that of her team’s, maintaining that it was essential to make sure “everyone is motivated and prepared when they come to practice.” She emphasized that “showing up to practice on time, being positive, and actively communicating with everyone” allowed for a much more collaborative environment where all teammates were supporting each other. 

Finally, the two girls let us in on the best part of being team captains. Shain began with a simple answer: “When we score!” She elaborated, “Obviously when you score it’s a good feeling, but when they score because of something you taught them, that’s the most gratifying feeling.” Although a great part of sports is a player’s skill set, Cecelia added, “it is equally as important to take note of the friendships we form and the lessons we take [with us].” 

This year’s Season 2 captains are sure to have more in store for their teams, and we’ll all be looking forward to the commencement of IASAS. Best of luck to our Bearcats!