200112 BT ism complements-01Writer: Eve H.

Visual: Rhia M.

Editor: Ishani S.

“The manner in which he adjusts his glasses so that the light reflects and hits his brown eyes at such an angle that they turn into pools of burgundy you can drown in makes me quiver.” No, that is not a quote from an erotic romance novel, but a quote from an anonymous student to fellow classmate Tim M., Grade 11, posted on the recent ismcompliments instagram page. 

@ismcompliments, created only two weeks ago, has taken instagram by storm, racking up 252 followers and 120 posts, as of Saturday. The page, run anonymously, posts positive messages about students, clubs, and events that other students have sent in. These genuine messages, shared with the ISM community, are people’s sincere recognition of someone else’s kindness, talent, humor or loyalty.

A prime example of this kindness being the message dedicated to Annika A., Grade 11, on November 6th: “[She] is one of the kindest most caring people at ISM. Her smile brightens up my day and whenever I’m having a hard time I can always depend on her. She’s as beautiful as her personality, and is a true friend, and don’t forget how talented she is in photography & film!!” Another student even commented, saying “I second that!”. This kind of wholesome content can sometimes seem like a rarity on social media, yet there are hundreds of comments just like this on this page. 

Not only is the page a platform for positivity, but also, poetic talent. On November 6th, this message was posted: “Her exuberant thick eyebrows act as gateways as they marinate the deadly passion in her keenly tantalizing eyes. I sometimes wish to be her eye sockets, I wonder how they are able to be so simple, yet hold that much power, a great depiction of Megh herself. The flawless colors and hues of her olive skin give light to the shadowy depths of her plentiful, luxurious hair follicles.” This beautiful piece of poetic prose, dedicated to Megh B, Grade 11, deserves worldwide recognition. When asked how she felt about receiving this message, Megh said, “ When I first saw the message it was honestly kind of a mixture of being weirded out and amused, like someone wanted to be my eye sockets, how could I not feel flattered?”

The admirer of Tim M. also showcased their poetic talent, writing, “I adore listening to the sound of his voice when he delivers his persuasive and concise arguments. It’s almost as if the gods of olympus had given us their nectar in the form of human flesh.” Another thing I love about this page, is that the love isn’t limited to within High School, there are messages between Middle School students, and even an endearing message dedicated to Ms. Bowers. It reads, “special mention to the one and only QUEEN ALI B, who is such an important part of our school. I sooo loved her class last yr. Love uu Ms. Bowers and thank you so much for everything!”. In response to this, Mrs Bowers said she is, “Quite proud really. Proud to be remembered fondly and proud to be seen as an important part of ISM. Delighted my students like ESS. And then sad to be leaving when students are so kind.” Our teachers deserve to be appreciated as well!

We have all had the same conversation about the dangers of social media with our parents and teachers, but this account just goes to show that social media doesn’t have to be such a detrimental influence. It can become an opportunity for students to uplift each other, and give each other due recognition, or even just to share a thoughtful message that will make someone’s day. This account showcases the kind and unique students that make up the foundation of this school, and represents what it truly means to be a Bearcat.