Run to the Sun Recap

image (3)Writer: Eve H.

Visual: Courtesy of VAC

Editor: Justin S.

On Friday nights, the inner couch potato in me thrives. With my mind free of homework and assessments, I spend the night curled up on my sofa watching a good movie, forced to make the world’s toughest decision–– whether to order pizza or stir-fried noodles on foodpanda. That is exactly how I spent my night last Friday, the 10th of January, while other students spent it differently–– taking time to bond with their friends and support a great cause. 

Last Friday evening, more than 70 students came out to the HS track and field for Run to the Sun, an annual event where students create teams and participate in an all-night relay race around the track. Despite popular opinion, Run to the Sun is not a competitive event and students take it in turns to walk and run around the track with their friends to support Save Philippine Seas, a non-profit independent organization that works to conserve Philippine seas and protect their diverse ecosystems. 

Wanting to know a bit more about what the event was like, I talked to one of the event organizers, Josh D. who told me, “ I took part in (Run to the Sun) last year which inspired me to organize it this year. From what I heard, everyone had a great time and I, along with many others, made new friends that night.” 

Josh reflects on the sense of community and inclusion he felt at the event, saying, “There’s something about staying overnight walking and running around a track that brings people together.” Feeling increasingly sad about missing this event, I reached out to some other students who had never attended Run to the Sun before. 

Fiona F. said, “I loved it. It was a nice experience to bond with friends and just relax. Personally, the event exceeded my expectations. Mats and drinks, as well as pizza and circus toys (stilts, bouncy balls, hula hoops, skate boards), were provided which made it even more enjoyable. It got cold at night and people without blankets struggled, but everyone was willing to share. I would recommend it!!” 

It seems that the fun and good vibes were all around, as Megh B. described a similar experience, saying, “I’ve literally never experienced anything like it. It was super trippy but really fun. I feel like I got to know everyone there really well and it was a great bonding experience!” 

Not only was Run to the Sun a great experience, but it was one that truly made an impact on our environment. Josh says,  “Overall I reckon it was a very successful event as we raised 50,000 pesos for Save Philippine Seas and the cashier is still accepting donations or late payments so that number could still increase and further support a good cause.” Josh concludes by saying, “ I hope whoever organizes it next year puts in the same amount of passion that Amelie, Chloe, Elise and I put in this year.” It is clear that this passion and dedication has paid off and we are all the more thankful for it. So don’t be a couch potato like me, and make sure to sign up for Run to the Sun next year! I hope to see you there!