Persevering Through Taal Volcano Days Off

athlete distruption caused by taal eruption - Somya Duggal

Writer: Scott F.

Photographer: Somya D. 

Editor: Liz S.

A common saying in the world of sports goes: “No days off.” This rather profound saying has made an exception in Manila in Mid-January as the Taal volcano eruption caused school, practice, and game cancellation. With IASAS right around the corner and local tournaments close to hosting their championships, ISM’s season two sports teams must work around the unexpected days off to prepare themselves for the tournaments and stay in the peak-season mindset. To find out how Taal volcano impacted each team as well as how each team coped with the lost practices/games, Bamboo Telegraph interviewed athletes from all season 2 sports.

IASAS teams were hit by and handled the unexpected days off differently. As for the IASAS tennis team, two practices fell victim to the ash of Taal volcano. In response to how the team made up for lossage, Jahaan S., captain of the tennis team, stated, “We trained individually indoors on the two days off and we still trained as a team outside of school at the polo club.” Jahaan and the rest of the tennis team used the days off not as an excuse but a reason to work harder while keeping their health and the upcoming IASAS in mind.

Shain P., the captain of the IASAS touch rugby team, says “We missed one training day and a day of games.” In touch rugby, a sport with non-stop running, conditioning or “being warm” is essential. Shain says it was important that during the off days, the team stayed warm. “We were told by our coaches to do workouts at home or go to the gym if accessible,” she said. On top of the fitness home assignment, during the first practice back, Shain says there was a lot of fitness to compensate for during the days off–mostly running and sprinting frills. In response to how the touch team will pick up the intensity for the bookend of the season Shain P. remarks, “Our practices have become a lot more high intensity in terms of skills and fitness, our coaches are being a lot stricter with how we play, less slack for mistakes, and expectations are a lot higher now.” This seemingly stressful span of time prior to the IASAS exchange may seem stressful however it is extremely helpful to all athletes and will result in a larger amount of wins.

For all IASAS teams it is crucial to pick up the intensity prior to the long-awaited exchange no matter what obstacles may occur. In this case, a volcano eruption has proven to not be an obstacle and hamper the development of season 2 IASAS teams. Best of luck to all season 2 IASAS teams!