A New Creative Outlet: Food Tech


Writer: Tricia W.

Visual: Kiana H.

Editor: Ishani S.

A new decade ushers in a new class for ISM Bearcats. Intro to Food Technology will officially be available next school year, 2020-2021, for all levels of the highschool department. After the video shows at assembly with course details we asked fellow Bearcats what their thoughts were on this new promising class.

“It sounds very interesting,” says freshman Wonyoung. “Taking it would be awesome,” he continues, “I wish there were more slots and hopefully I get a slot.” 

According to Mr. Dickinson, only two sections will be available with a cap of 20 students in each Intro to Food Tech class. The classes will be held in a new and special area for Food Technology that will be built during the summer holidays.

“I feel like it is very interesting, however as a new subject it’s kind of hard to be the first ones to go through it,” Zoe, another freshman, comments. “When I take a class I want to know how I’ll be graded and what exactly I should expect. A new class doesn’t provide that as there’s no predecessors.”

Connor, a graduating senior, had other thoughts. “Personally, it sounds like a chill class and you learn a skill that you can actively use every day.” He goes on about how it would be fun to be one of the first people to try it out but sadly is unable since he’s a senior. “I wish they had it earlier, I would have been a fun class to take.” 

As the incoming freshmen, the batch of 2024, will be the ones to fully experience this new class and move up with it to the IB level. Thus, we decided to ask some 8th graders about what they think as well.

Initially we were met with initial confusion, but it quickly morphed into excitement. Some unknowing students sparked up at the thought of a cooking class. “I want to take that! I’ve always loved to cook,” Grant said once he heard about the new class.

Overall, the excitement for this new class has spread throughout school and many students want to try it out. Many are simultaneously excited and apprehensive. If you would like more information about the course, feel free to contact the DT department or talk to your counsellors.