Chinese New Years Celebration 

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Writer: Keitaro H.

Visual: Kailani W.

Editor: Gisele F.

It’s 2020 and unlike any other year, it’s time for a Chinese New Year & New Decade Celebration. The Chinese Honors Society (CHS) presents their take on the famed Chinese tradition of New Year partying. Imagine an entire week dedicated to Chinese culture! From January 20th to 24th, everyone was prepared to be immersed in exciting activities and taste test different foods. There were festivities during lunch, afterschool, and even a live performance to top off the jam packed week. It was a week to celebrate Chinese Culture and there was plenty for everyone to enjoy. 

The CHS council had worked hard to plan and organize all the events. Much like “Hispana Semana” last year, this week-long Chinese event is the first of its kind at ISM and the members of CHS were very much looking forward to spreading Chinese Culture at the school. The treasurer of CHS, Clara H., said that the main focus was to create an experience in which the ISM community can be exposed to and interact with Chinese culture presentations. While doing this, CHS had the opportunity to collaborate with other cultural clubs like Korean Cultural Club (KCC) and Southeast Asian Cultural Club (SEACC). She noted that, “It also gave them a chance to share their respective cultures as well.” CHS has high hopes of their Chinese New Year Celebration returning next year. 

Each day of last week had something special going on. On Monday, there was a booth outside of the Kantina that showcased traditional Chinese Games. On Tuesday, there was an arts and crafts session outside of the Kantina where students made Chinese craft lanterns that they could bring home. On Wednesday, there was a spring roll cooking session in Ms Ji’s room in the Language hallway. The following day, there was a trivia booth outside of the Kantina that invited visitors to join a guessing game of Chinese factoids with the chance of winning Chinese delicacies as a reward for guessing the correct answer. The main event of the week took place on Friday. During lunch, students were greeted with a colorful lion dance that filled the school with rhythmic music and energetic drum beats. On top of all the lively activities, there was a delicious bake sale in the HS courtyard. 

The CHS council worked hard to put together a week of fun-filled activities for students to enjoy during this Chinese New Year Celebration. It was a resounding success that will surely happen again next year!

希望大家度过愉快的一周 (Hope you all had a great week!)