Meditation to Netflix: Ways to de-stress from school

Stress_Jasmine_RelfWriter: Megh B.

Editor: Amelie D.

Visual: Jasmine R.

As the second semester rears its ugly head, ISM students shove their faces into textbooks, Google Classroom, and a variety of other study mediums to complete their journey into the IB. 

With the rise of stress in the second semester, students find less and less time for themselves, their friends, families , and even hobbies — one of the many side effects of the International Baccalaureate program. Students from ISM are more likely to succumb to the world of stress and anxiety due to the high workloads many take on from balancing their social life, outside sports/activities, to schoolwork itself.

Amidst student’s demanding schedules, however, ISM is a melting pot of differently-minded students with a diverse range of interests. “No matter how busy I get,” sophomore Kris L. states, “I always make sure that I have time for my passions. It really helps when I need a break from studying or homework.” Having an outlet in times of stress is something that all students in an ideal world need, and there are multiple ways to go about it. 

An overwhelming amount of students interviewed resort to streaming their favorite TV shows or movies in order to unwind. “With everything we do in school, our mind is working a million miles a minute, so it’s just nice to have the opportunity to just chill out,” says junior John A. A majority of students referred to Netflix, Youtube, or other streaming platforms for a good study break. John explains his routine as, “I study using the Pomodoro Method, so every break I get in between work time I use to watch segments of videos on Youtube. Although it’s not enough time, it actually motivates me to do work so I can watch the next bit of it when I’m done.” Netflix is teeming with a variety of TV/movie selections, and acts as a classic, simple way to veg out after a long day of school.

On the other hand, a senior wishing to remain anonymous has a different take on dealing with the pressure of IB. “I’ve had a super rough time with the IB and my relationship with mental health. It’s super taxing, and I really found it hard to adjust and still have motivation/energy for other activities in life in general.” 

Although the student cited many negatives, they found solace in meditation and mindfulness. “I know it sounds cheesy, but honestly, take out 5 minutes from your day to deep breathe and reflect. It really made a change in my day to day life with minimum effort.” As the new decade dawns, many students have quoted wanting to have a better relationship with their mental health. Now more than ever, this is imperative for the life of any highschooler. The truth is, you really just have to find your niche and work with what you got.

All in all, in a world of stress, assessments, and extracurriculars, ISM students have flipped the equation and found a way to thrive in it. Although there have been some hiccups along the way, finding a way to alleviate one’s worries can drastically improve all facets of a student’s life.