Jazz Night 2020

Nabil R.jpgWriter: Clara H.

Visual: Nabil R.

Editor: Gisele F.

What’s an event where you can listen to great jazz music performed by your own peers, have fun with your friends or even your date, and enjoy lots of food and drinks? It’s Jazz Night! Yes, it’s Tri-M Music Honor Society’s biggest fundraising event of the year! This year, Jazz Night featured Jazz Band, Show Choir, and Advanced Dance, and took place at 5:30 to 7:30pm last Thursday in the Little Theater. Beginning at 5:30, there was already a long line snaking into the Kantina, with more than 150 people waiting to enter the event. 

The theme for this year’s Jazz Night was “Decajazz”, which was selected as a timely tribute celebrating ISM’s centennial anniversary. The performers played and danced to iconic music from each decade since the 1920s. When they played music from the 1960s to 1980s, such as Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” and Sade’s “Smooth Operator”, the adults (teachers, parents, and even grandparents) got up off their seats and danced! 

Unlike regular concerts or dance performances at ISM, Jazz Night is the one and only event where the instrument players, singers, and dancers come together to perform. Advanced Dance dancer Anya A. said, “What I love about Jazz Night the most is how I can dance to live music that my friends are playing.” Jazz Night is also one of the few events where the audience can stand up and dance along to the music. Most concerts take place in the FAT, and there’s rarely any interaction between the audience and the performers. However, for Jazz Night, the performers encourage the audience to come up to the dance floor and dance with them.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society was behind all the success of the event and worked hard for months to put it together. When asked about what the most challenging part of preparing for the event, Tri-M council PRO Jack Cariaso said that coordinating the logistics was difficult, especially organizing the food set-up for the audience.

During the event, it was the Tri-M members that helped the event run smoothly. They collected tickets at the entrance, ushered the audience to their seats, made sure the performers knew their order, and arranged the stage for each performance. Joachim R., a member of the Tri-M, said “I am really thankful that I can be a part of this meaningful event, even though I am not performing.”

Jazz Night seems to be the perfect way to enjoy music, food, and good company. The Bearcat community can’t wait for next year’s Jazz Night. Thank you to all the performers and Tri-M Honor Society for organizing this event!