Senti Senior Season


Writer: Carmel Limcaoco

Editor: James Yu

Visuals: Sohyun Park

With the first semester of senior year finished and mocks impending in March, many Bearcats in the Class of 2020 are beginning to realize how little time they have left as part of the ISM high school community. This senior phenomenon tends to happen annually during the second semester, and has started to become known colloquially as “senti senior season,” as seniors start to become sentimental about all of the fun times they’ve had in high school. 

This time of year is full of “lasts” for the seniors and when they truly begin to reflect on all of their favorite experiences from high school as they realize that these will be the last occasions they will happen. “I think senti senior season really struck me when I performed at BOB Prelims,” senior Pari P. shares. “It was my fourth and last prelims! Honestly, I’m glad Finals was postponed because that would’ve marked the end of my BOB experience, and that’s something I’m going to miss a lot.” Battle of the Bands is surely an event to be missed by the Class of 2020, as many others in bands like Twisted Adobo, El Bando, and Parental Advisory share similar sentiments. 

“For me, senti senior season hit when the boys and girls rugby and touch won gold at my last IASAS,” senior Shain P. expresses. “I’ve been playing with the team since my freshman year, and bringing home the gold with a team I really love in my last year really made it the best season possible, and I’m going to miss everything about it so much.” Undoubtedly, many seniors will participate in their last IASAS this year, which is sure to spark more sentimentality in the batch as graduation approaches. 

It is clear that this time of year might be a difficult time for many seniors, but it also brings many cherishable experiences that will remain with them forever. Good luck in mocks and IB exams seniors, have fun, and most importantly finish your last semester of high school strong!