Season 2 Awards Banquet

Season 2 awards - Somya DuggalWriter: Scott F.

Editor: Lucas V.

Visual: Somya D.

The season two awards banquet that happened this past Wednesday marked the end of ISM’s most successful season two in School history. On the player’s faces were grins and smiles that seemed to reflect their recent success and the recognition to come. The available awards included team awards, MVP awards (speech opportunity included), and individual awards. BT interviewed several attending athletes and found that individual awards and recognition of team success can motivate players in the off-season and shape the mindset of coaches and athletes. 

With north of 8 months before next year’s season two, the duration of the off-season can be alarming. Rugby’s MVP Marco D. and Swimming’s MVP Jeremy V. explain what should be done and how to enforce the off-season gameplan. In order for the entire swimming squad to stay fresh, Jeremy V. “can embrace the role of a leader.” This means he can communicate with the team to keep up their personal training endeavors and hold team events to strengthen team bondage. The swimming MVP goes on to say he will return the encouragement and support he received from fellow teammates Zach C., Woosuk K., and Carlo C. 

Marco, on the other hand, focuses on supporting his teammates and non-varsity players from “the Binturongs team and the JV team.” He feels it necessary to ensure that none of the rugby players in the high school community slack off in the off-season. In reflection of his team’s gold placement this year at IASAS he states, “It is important that we keep working hard and keep the same work ethic for next season in order to win that gold medal again” and that “the players of next season” should be “as or more motivated and dedicated as the players of this season.” For both MVPs, this recognition will contribute to their confidence and assist them in morally supporting up the rest of their respective teams.

Bringing out a variety of emotions from the athletes, coaches, and families, this event served as a great community gathering and motivated the athletes to perform with high intensity during the off-season and seize leadership roles to better the team chemistry. This year’s unique banquet was the cherry on top of the extremely successful IASAS results.