The New Faces of Badminton

New Faces of Badminton - Raina HwangWriter: Solenne S.

Editor: Liz S.

Visuals: Raina H.

As the tryouts of the new season finish, the final varsity and JV teams have been established. While each team is challenging to get into, the boys’ badminton team is known to be one of the most competitive teams in the third season. However, with the IASAS results last year and the team placing 6th, some players have chosen not to return. The returning members, however, see last year’s result as a chance to get better, and with so many new faces, how will the team transform this year? 

Being the rookie on the team is never easy especially when you are the only one. Dylan Y. Is currently the only freshman to make the varsity team this year and when asked what the biggest challenge would be he said, “integrating and developing the rosters every year.” Since seniors are always leaving, and new players come in, it is always a challenge for the coaches to decide who to put into the roster and how to integrate the younger and older players while maintaining the success of the team. In Dylan’s opinion, he says, “Bringing energy and positive spirit to the team” is the biggest asset he can offer. Dylan also says, “Being the least experienced on the team, and not going to Pre-I is going to be a huge challenge and one way to improve is to learn from the experienced upperclassmen, look away from pressure, and play in the moment.”    

On the other hand, returning players just have as much pressure on them to do as well or even better than they did the year before. Keitaro H. says, “one of the biggest challenges in IASAS last year was that the majority of the team were new players so bonding over the short period of time was difficult.” Even though badminton is a relatively individual sport, team spirit and relationships are crucial to being successful. In relation to that, Keitaro H. says that things are going to go differently this year and that the team are, “going to have more team spirit and work harder in training.” 

With the short season, pre I cancelled and a new team dynamics, there are many challenges ahead, but it seems clear that there is a new sense of determination in the ISM varsity badminton team this year and BT wishes them every success.