The Ideal Valentine’s Date

KailaniWebb_IdealValentinesDay_FeaturesWriter: Tricia W.

Visual: Kailani W.

Editor: Ishani S.

Valentine’s Day comes and goes each year and is always a topic of vivid discussion and excitement throughout the student body. Whether you are single or taken, February 14 is a special day for celebrating all sorts of love ranging from brotherly to romantic. Every time the day draws closer, more and more people start planning about their Valentine’s date. We asked a couple of Bearcats about their ideal Valentine’s date to give you a good clue on what happened on this very special day.

“I would say going to a cool restaurant and just spending time together,” says Eli, a freshman, when she was asked. A couple of other freshman girls, Holly, Sara and Julie instead said, “Going with friends!” while they laughed happily.

Next, we asked Kenton from tenth grade, and according to him, “Going on a movie date would be awesome. I’m a huge movie fanatic and so that is my go-to date idea.” When asked further, Kenton revealed that he does in fact have a date and has planned to do just what he’s ideal date is! “I’m sure it’ll be fun as long as you’re with someone you enjoy being with,” he said with a smile.

A more comedic response came from a senior, Caterina. When asked what would be an ideal date on Valentine’s day, she simply said: “Be with someone.” before walking away. The singles out there totally feel for you Caterina!

Ren, another freshman, has a simple date idea we would all want to go on. “Okay so imagine this… a big buffet, all you can eat. Now that’s a perfect date. We can just sit there for hours and eat,” he said as he described all the food he would like to try out. Definitely a foodie trip!

A couple of sophomore boys were also asked about their ideal Valentine’s date. Patrick, a bona fide music and coffee lover has a very romantic and simple date: “You know just sit in a coffee shop, jazz music, and talk. Just talk about what’s going on in each other’s life and enjoy each other’s company.” Jordan, on the other hand, agrees with the others, “Going to a restaurant would be awesome.” 

In the end, the verdict: food is always gonna be on the date plan! What’s better than sharing good quality food with the person you love or your dear friends? Valentine’s day comes and goes each year, but it isn’t the only day you can show love to your loved one – there’s the other 364 days! So just spread the love every day and we hope you had an eventful Valentine’s!