Kantina’s Greatest Hits

BestFood_JasmineRelfWriter: Megh B.

Editor: Amelie D.

Visual: Jasmine R.

Several questions plague the mind of every highschooler at 11:25 AM: What do I want to eat? Where do I want to go? Do I want to eat creamy tomato pasta for the 8th lunch period in a row? Never fear, bearcats! BT took the liberty of listing out the best of what each Kantina vendor has to offer 

As a connoisseur of Kantina eats for the past 5 years, I definitely have my fair share of knowledge. Over the years, the Kantina has changed immensely, and understanding these changes and new additions is  key to enriching your daily meal. To put it simply, I’ve had over 905 days of food in the Kantina — I’ve pretty much done and eaten it all. Based on this prerequisite, it’s safe to say this guide is comprehensive and from a so-called ISM oldie.

It is suffice to say that certain places in the Kantina are seen, by students as being either hits or  misses. With the variety and diverse range of food options in our lunchroom, it’s easy to see why deciding what to eat for the day can be somewhat of a struggle. This article, however, is a guide to “hack” the Kantina and overall make your experience there the very best it can be.


This Mexican joint is a fan favorite among students and faculty alike. You’ll often find it teeming with students queuing in line for a taste of what they have to offer. Junior Norbu D. commented on the popularity of the vendor, stating that, “I think most people like Chihuahua because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Their menu is pretty diverse and I’d say their options are extremely versatile for most of the student body.”

TOP PICK: The Burrito Bowls

A somewhat healthy variation of a traditional burrito, burrito bowls can be customizable using a range of different meats and toppings. Students are often seen carrying (reusable) bowls of this popular dish around the Kantina. Vegetarian options  are also cheaper on meatless Mondays, rivaling the meaty options Pro-tip: ALWAYS use the salsas on the left hand side of the register! Do not sleep on the salsa. 


Prego, is another hit among ISM students — it’s long lines exemplify this! Prego serves classic Italian dishes: anything from pasta, pizza, to arancini. Junior Natalie G. remarks that “Prego is an easy go-to option that is consistent each time. They truly never let you down.” In addition, “Some Italians even say it’s not that bad!” adds Junior Cinta D.


  1. Creamy tomato: a secret menu item, andan ISM staple. 
  2. Margarita pizza
  3. Pesto pasta
  4. Arancini: a popular one amongst students even though  takes little time to prepare




  1. Pad thai
  2. Rice with Veggie-Q
  3. Frozen yoghurt

Kind of a strange frankenfood combination, but try mixing your froyo with olive oil and sea salt. Crazy, you’re right — but don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

  1. Hummus and pita
  2. Soft serve: underrated favorite! Make sure to take advantage of the toppings bar to enhance the vanilla flavor.


  1. Crunchy tuna maki

Super quick and easy to grab. Surprisingly good for school sushi– this one is a new favorite amongst students.

  1. Chicken teriyaki
  2. Gyozas

Bon appetit, Bearcats!