New York Fashion Week: Fab or Flop?

nyfw - Andi Lamauta (1)

Writer: Yerin K.

Visual: Andi L

Editor: Norbu D.

New York Fashion Week has always been the central topic when February and September came around. From 1943, hundreds of designers, buyers, the general public and the press came around to make this event possible and showcase it to its full effect. I believe that this year’s 2020 February show is one of the most intriguing weeks out of all the 150+ shows there have been. This is due to their inclusion of a crucial factor to be considered: reuse, reduce, recycle. As homage to the environmental problems our world is facing at the moment, many designers decided to work with waste products as much as possible. Although it would have been difficult to risk their products they showcase to be made with past “waste products”, the designers challenged themselves, in an attempt to make the fashion week enjoyable and safe for the environment. 

Here are some collections which I found most vibrant and memorable during the many shows of this year’s NYFW:

Michael Kors:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.04.35 PM

When compared to other collections, Michael Kors’ products showed a more comfortable and casual charm. From the oversized khakis, that gave a very relaxed look, to the shoes that mostly consisted of riding boots instead of heels that draw much attention, Kors rather focused on “dressing for a fast life” (Kors, Vogue) 

Veronica Beard:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.04.27 PM

Similarly to Michael Kors’ approach, Veronica Beard’s brand aimed for a comfortable, but still glamorous style – a happy medium. Elizabeth from The Writers exclaimed “You know the blazer in your closet you always wear for a day of important meetings? That sweater that never gets put away (all hail the dumping chair) because you always want to wear it? The pair of simple but flattering black pants that never let you down? The one coat you constantly reach for even though you have several? Those are the types of clothes that Veronica Beard showcased today—styles that don’t intimidate, but always impress.”

Gabriella Hearst:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.04.15 PM

Gabriella Hearst was the designer that highlighted the importance of sustainability the most. Her passion for environmental changes were displayed when she used absolutely no plastic in any of her collections. Her designs clearly demonstrated how up to date she is with current world issues. When asked about her inspirations or her choice in reusing resources for her collections, she stated: “We have more than enough resources in our hands right now, why would we need to make new ones?” (Vogue: The Top 10 Collections Of New York Fashion Week 2020 Fall) 

Collina Strada:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.03.59 PM

Collina Strada is also a well-known brand for being an advocate for environmental change. Already labelling their brand as a “Sustainable New York Fashion Brand”, she did as much as allow the models walk with their non-plastic water bottles, a famous product in their brand in order to advertise its usage. She kept up the hype and energy for Fashion Week with various collections of vibrant colours that were intriguing to the audience.

These are just some of the collections that caught the eye of the general public and the press. Spring and Fall are two seasons that can be interpreted in many different ways which allows designers a lot of freedom and variety they can work with to showcase in Fashion Week. On top of that, the sustainability movement that some designers worked with gathered a big audience, spreading awareness about environmental degradation around the globe. I believe that the next step forward would be to have a majority of the designers joining this challenge and work together to keep NYFW fun and eventful, while also being safe to the environment.