Athlete in Focus: Dhendup

Writer: Tara T.

Editor: Lucas V.

Visual: Johanna O.

The much anticipated season 3 IASAS has been canceled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), breeding disappointment within the ISM community and, more specifically, the baseball, softball, track and field, golf, and badminton teams. Amongst all the athletes, the seniors were saddened the most since it is their last year competing at IASAS. Bamboo Telegraph decided to reach out to senior and track team captain Dhendup D. to gain even more insight into how the athletes feel and their plans moving forward. 

As expected, Dhendup was quite dismayed hearing about the cancellation, knowing that he and his fellow athletes could not participate in the competition for which they have tirelessly trained. Regardless, he trusts that the IASAS school directors had a valid reason for cancelling the tournament for the safety of everyone. 

After taking home gold last year, Dhendhup feels that being stripped of the chance to defend their championship is very disheartening. He says, “I think the possibility of winning gold was very high but also the possibility for many of our athletes achieving personal goals and triumphs in their respective events. Many athletes had prepared for IASAS since season two and season one as well.” Dhendhup recognizes all the training and effort the athletes have invested and how much of a shame it is that they cannot show their abilities.

Despite these obstacles, Dhendup remains positive and encourages his team to do the same. With the competition out of the equation, he made it clear that supporting the younger athletes would be his last tribute as the captain of the track team, saying, “We encourage them to keep working hard and use this season in preparation for next year”. As for his fellow seniors, Dhendup wants them “to do their part in ensuring that the younger batches have as much knowledge and inspiration as we did when we were younger.” On the impact of senior role models, Dhendup states, “I can speak from personal experience in saying that the attitude and work ethic of my seniors had a very strong influence on my level of focus and commitment to the sport, thus it is only fair that I set an example just as my seniors did.” It is evident that the spirit of leadership and camaraderie in ISM has been passed down through generations and is important in keeping teams together especially during times like these. 

Dhendup has proven to be an exceptional leader of his team, providing an inspiring role model for his teammates and even his coaches. He strives to maintain determination, unity, and focus no matter the circumstance, embodying the Bearcat spirit Dhendup will surely leave a lasting imprint on the ISM community through the values he has shared with his younger peers.