Season Three IASAS Cancellation

S3 IASAS Cancelled_Allison LaudeJPG (1)Writer: Martin F.

Editor: Etjan G.

Visual: Allison L.

The infamous Coronavirus has canceled yet another major school event at ISM, the Season Three IASAS. Weeks ago, the same virus had handicapped the Cultural Convention, and while hopes of another possible virtual IASAS are still imminent, most of our beloved athletes here at ISM are disappointed with the recent news.

The Season Three IASAS would have included some of the finest athletes from ISM’s Badminton, Track and Field, Golf, Softball, and Baseball teams. As mentioned previously, it was announced that the upcoming IASAS would be canceled in response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak that has created concerns of infection worldwide. While this decision was made to prevent the possible transmission of the disease, students at ISM still express disappointment.

One of these students was Sophomore Maxine Z., who usually plays as a catcher in her sport, Softball. Unlike other athletes at ISM, Maxine didn’t try out for the previous IASAS sports, instead choosing to hone her craft in preparation for the canceled Softball IASAS. “I’m really bummed out, especially with all the potential we had this year,” she remarked, “most of my team started training for softball during the second season, so we essentially threw away our chances of winning gold this year.” Maxine expressed her disappointment further, citing the seniors leaving as another main reason, “all of us are sad that the seniors can’t play with us next year,” she said, “we spent a lot of time together, and it’s a shame to see that go away.”

Like Maxine, track runner Sophomore Ignacio M. displayed grievances on the recent IASAS cancellation. “It’s not just that IASAS is being canceled” he explained, “it’s also that local track meets are closing down, so I don’t get the chance to compete with any school records.” While Ignacio was somewhat discouraged with the cancellation announcement, he viewed this as potential motivation in the future, “Lots of people are feeling down about it, but I do believe that if we keep working hard, we can make it next year.”

Despite the lack of spirit, perhaps the recent cancellation can serve as a test of character and dedication for younger athletes who haven’t experienced IASAS yet, as Ignacio suggested. Although the season has ended early, a solid year of dedication and hard work could bring the gold for ISM next year. Don’t forget to show support for your fellow Bearcat athletes.