Coronavirus Survival Guide

Writer: Eve H.

Visual: Isabelle P.

Editor: Gisele F.

Endless Zoom classes? Trapped in a house with annoying siblings? Find yourself watching hour after hour of Netflix? Here, I have compiled a guide to help you survive this month of Covid-19:

  • Discover New Music

I have this bad habit that when I find songs that I love, I play them constantly, to the point that I can’t listen to them anymore. Tired of ruining the best songs, I stumbled upon COLORS on Youtube, that Time Magazine calls “A Rising Powerhouse For Music Discovery”. COLORS features both emerging to established artists from up and coming rapper Princess Nokia, to niche hip hop duo EarthGang . Their site is organized by genre, with each genre named a different shade of color. Characterised by their aesthetically pleasing monochrome studio and fun artists, COLORS is definitely something to check out. NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts are also a great way to discover new music. These shows are exactly what the name suggests; a concert. At a tiny desk. The concept began with a joke about holding a concert with folk singer Laura Gibson behind a desk, and NPR has since welcomed Mac Miller, Jorja Smith and Tyler, the Creator to their show. 

  • Stay in touch with friends and family

Self isolation does not mean emotional isolation! Frequent communication with friends and family is paramount in this time of chaos and stress. Skype, Facetime and now, Zoom are great ways to keep in contact and retain a sense of normalcy and mutual support in our day to day lives. 

  • Exercise

Exercising is a great way to brighten your mood and escape the tired and stir-crazy daze that we all feel. Whether going on a run or doing a workout in your room, get those muscles working and your blood pumping! There are many great workout tutorials online that do not require equipment and are apartment/house friendly! For workout videos and exercise tips, refer to the “Stay Fit At Home” article that was published by BT this week.

  • Watch Broadway plays, the opera, and short films for FREE!

Your couch could be alive with the Sound of Music, and other iconic broadway shows for a limited time. BroadwayHD is an online streaming service for all things Broadway. A subscription costs 8.99$ per month, however, in this time of quarantine, BroadwayHD offers a seven day free trial in which you can watch unlimited shows. There are more than 300 to choose from! Similarly, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York shows a free short film every day as part of their A Short Film a Day Keeps the Anxiety Away series during quarantine. Today’s short film is a love letter to New York City as the filmmakers discover the origins of the iconic I ❤ NY logo.

  • Learn how to meditate

While it is extremely easy to have a pessimistic outlook on quarantine, this is a great opportunity to learn how to meditate and become self aware and present. It is important to take time to be grateful that we have food and our family, and that we are safe and healthy, in a time, when many people are not. The apps Calm and Headspace offer free guided meditation tutorials that you can download today. The New York Times website also features ‘The Calm Place’, a page full of tranquil and soothing sounds and videos with links to helpful articles about stress and happiness to help you find your own peace.

  • Explore new cuisines!

One word. FoodPanda. Coronavirus’ saving grace. Foodpanda offers a variety of restaurants that are still open for take out and delivery. Branch out and try different cuisines that you haven’t been able to before! This is also a great way to support the livelihoods of local workers. 

  • Get involved!

Over the past week, there have been many fun, impromptu Zoom sessions that I have had the honor of being a part of. Shout out to Mr. Armstrong, who held a brownie baking session on Sunday with our math class, and Mr. Dickinson who performed a rendition of his favorite songs on Saturday night. Get involved with these fun events, or even create your own events and invite your friends or classmates. It is truly great to see how everyone is doing their part to maintain the strong sense of community that we have here at ISM.