Staying Fit at Home

Writer: Sophia L

Visual: Sophia L.

Editor: Catherine S.

Within this week of class cancellation, zoom calls, and quarantine, the growing fear of the infamous coronavirus must have bombarded you with tips on preventing  infection. Among many tips, staying away from crowded places such as gyms has been the key advice to maintain “social distancing”. This news has alarmed many, causing people to wonder, “Where will I exercise?” and “How can I stay fit?” Luckily, thanks to Youtube, staying fit in the midst of quarantine is much easier to do so today than ever before. 

In order to help you maintain a regular exercise schedule, Bamboo Telegraph gathered four of the most popular and highly recommended home workout Youtube channels to help you stay fit at home:

  1. Fitness Blender-

Fitness Blender is Youtube’s most-watched fitness channel with almost 6 million subscribers. Their success can be attributed to the fact that their workouts range from anything from pilates to kickboxing to HIIT workouts, to help you vary your exercise and keep you engaged. In fact, one user commented, “These are fantastic workouts, I love the variety so I never get bored! Thank you for sharing them!”, while others praised the quality of instruction saying, “It’s like having a personal trainer at home!” The channel’s most watched video, “10 Minute Abs Workout”, has 68 million views. Aside from workouts, Fitness Blender also offers tips about maintaining your health and fitness as well as healthy recipes to complement your active lifestyle.  

  1. The Fitness Marshall-

Nobody said exercise meant pull-ups, mile runs, or deadlifts. The Fitness Marshall proves this point with sweat-inducing dance videos to some of the most popular songs today. Caleb Marshall, the genius behind the channel, is praised for his energy and enthusiasm in all his videos, motivating even the most lethargic to get up and do some exercise. These zumba-like dances incorporate highly intense movements that get your heart pumping in no time and make you forget that you’re actually exercising.

  1. Yoga with Adriene-

Adriene Mishler’s Youtube channel entitled “Yoga with Adriene” is a Youtuber’s favorite place to go when seeking some restorative, deep breathing exercise to do at home. With 6.2 million subscribers, Yoga with Adriene includes video series such as  “30 Days of Yoga”, “Yoga for Anxiety and Stress”, and “Yoga for Complete Beginners”, which is specially designed for newcomers for her channel that happens to be her most-watched video with 26 million views. Doing even one of her workouts will not only keep you fit, but also leave you in a state of relaxation at the end. 

  1. POPSUGAR Fitness-

Popsugar Fitness is the renowned media company POPSUGAR’s health and fitness branch. Hosted by Hollywood celebrity trainer Anna Renderer, Popsugar guides you through the most talked-about workout classes and trends like the Victoria’s Secret Workout and Hip-Hop Tabata, which happen to be the channel’s two most watched videos with 16 and 13 million views respectively. With videos they call, “Fit or Fiction” , Popsugar addresses popular and health fitness myths with examples of videos being, “Are Sports Drinks Good For You?” and “Is a Juice Cleanse Healthy?” However, don’t be deceived by the trend-factor, Popsugar also has videos where they breakdown the steps to perform often incorrectly performed exercises such as squats and certain stretches.