Keeping Up with ISM Teachers: Coronacation

Writer: Megh B. 

Visuals: Laraveys M. 

Editor: Amelie D.

‘Coronacation,’ ‘social distancing,’ ‘quarantine,’ and the infamous ‘coronavirus,’ – all words that have been embedded into our brains by TV, media, and our nagging parents alike. 

Despite this time off school, the ISM community has managed to maintain a sense of community with the introduction of online ‘Zoom’ classes, whose main purpose is to create a sense of normalcy among the student body. 

Although many are becoming susceptible to dreaded ‘cabin fever,’ certain teachers at ISM have found ways to stay busy in these trying times. BT reached out to them for updates on what they have been doing: 

Ms. Carcamo is spending the break cleaning the pool with her trusty sidekick.

1. carcamoFITSPO TIP: Ms. Geoffroy spends her time walking the 45 flights of her building up and down to get some exercise without going outside!

2. geoffrey

Ms. Govier is following suit with her at-home workouts!

3. govier

Mr. Lassey even rescued a cat! 

4. lassey cat

The Benfords have been keeping entertained with plenty of board games and family fun!

5. benford

When Mr. Conte isn’t ‘Zooming,’ he spends his time pretending he has hair.

6. conte

Ms. Gough is baking up a storm and working on some tunes for faculty band ‘Whiskey Bear,’ which will be coming our way very soon!

7.a gough guitar

Mr. Berg even touched our hearts with this statement: 

“Just been trying to stay on top of making sure all my students are feeling well and that their mental health is strong. It is hard being at home and not being able to see them in my classroom or in the hallways. They are and have always been a huge source of laughter and joy in my life, and I feel that I am missing them a lot. So our little family has been trying to juggle taking care of a toddler and also teaching in an apartment. It has been a new challenge for sure, but we are learning lots everyday.”

8. iceberg

Another member of our favorite teacher band Whiskey Bear, Mr. Strycharske has been working on some tunes! He wants to assure students that he’s here for help with any creative endeavors or tech support needs.

9. strycharske

Mr. Paulson is spending some quality time with the kiddos!

10. paulson

Lastly, Mr. Butcher follows suit with ‘Dungeons and Dragons!’

11. butcher

All in all, what these teachers show is the importance of keeping busy during these trying times. Although we can’t go outside or follow out normal daily routines, use this time to reflect and work on yourself — think of goals and things you want to fix in your life! Instead of seeing this as a negative, use this time period to work on yourself. Do your part and stay home!