ISM Football: Success Behind the Controller

BT Varsity FIFA - Raina Hwang

Writer: Scott F.

Visual: Raina H.

Editor: Lucas V.

The recent impacts resulting from the pandemic known as the coronavirus have suspended sports leagues and events across the globe including the third season of Iasas and early training for season 1. Despite all the obstacles presented by  the coronavirus to the sports community, our HS athletes have another way to build team spirit, enjoy the sport they love, and develop strategies for their eventual return to action. This alternative is the 11-a-side FIFA tournament organized by the varsity boys football team.
This online competition pits our varsity boys against  local schools like Ateneo and even Iasas rivals like JIS. It was organized by the team’s and incoming seniors, Diego L. and Seve A. The idea originated when Seve reached out to a football player from Xavier to organize a single friendly match, but the idea caught on when players from other local schools heard of it through their club-football circles. With the interest expressed and the leadership from Diego and Seve, a full-fledged tournament was formed.

Being the only ISM sports event to be held over our “coronacation”, the tournament was bound to receive an audience. This came in the form of Twitch viewers who watched streams of the matches from home. In each of ISM’s matches there was northward of 100 viewers, all engaging in friendly banter with one another as well as with spectators from the opponent schools.

So far in this innovative tournament, ISM is undefeated in three matches, taking home victories against local opponents Xavier and Ateneo as well as international opponent JIS. When asked about the benefits of this online competition, Diego L. reasons, “Although it is not a perfect emulation of the real game of football, it is still a great way to construct an optimum way of communicating amongst teammates as well as having fun during a time that seems at odds with us.” Furthermore, in response to how Diego and his teammates have the passion for organizing football activity during quarantine he says, “It is the game we all fell for from the start.” 

During this more than odd time,our community can look forward to the upcoming matches the varsity fifa team will participate in and broadcast. Make sure to go online to watch and support the team for their upcoming matches on twitch.