5 Netflix Shows to Binge watch

Netflix_JasmineR-01Writer: Megh B.

Visual: Jasmine R.

Editor: Amelie D. 


Part of what makes Generation Z the way we are is the media we consume on a daily basis. 


Every aspect of our lives today involves the absorption of information from a variety of mediums. Amidst the stresses triggered by the IB, many students turn to streaming platforms such as Netflix to seek refuge. Netflix is a digital streaming platform teeming with content suitable for any and every person. From documentaries, to TV shows, to movies, it truly has it all. 


However, with all of these options, I know I’m not the only one who is constantly on a hunt for more shows to procrastinate doing my homework with. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on what to watch (as well as student favorites) will satiate these longings.


1: Avatar the Last Airbender

This TV series is a genuine classic that many of us grew up with. If you haven’t watched this show, you’re seriously missing out! It artfully combines spirituality with the growing pains of adolescence against the backdrop of a supernatural world. In a world divided by elemental tribes, an individual known as the Avatar has the ability to control all four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. When the Fire Nation sieges control of elemental tribes in an effort to control the world, the long-lost Avatar, Aang, along with his comrades Katara and Sokka, embark on a journey to safeguard the world from the Fire Nation. (Source: Google Reviews) Their journey throughout this supernatural world is full of surprises and leaves you wanting more!


2: The Circle

The Circle is a lighthearted reality show that is great for destressing. It follows a group of young adults who interact in a social media platform called ‘The Circle,’ in which they form relationships with their fellow castmates instead of meeting them face to face. It’s almost an exposé of millennial culture and how easy it is to manipulate people online by only the best sides of yourself. The show has sparked many important conversations about our personas online and the assumptions that can be spurred from a mere profile picture. Overall, it is a highly entertaining, yet eye-opening watch.


3: Modern Family

Modern Family is a classic, slapstick sitcom that appeals to most people. It follows an extended family and the zany ongoings of their life. The dynamic relationships between the family members almost has a bittersweet quality to it, and will leaves audiences with good vibes afterwards. A definite favorite among students for de stressing after a long day of school!


4: American Vandal

This is a truly underrated series! American Vandal is a mockumentary with each season revolving around a different highschool crime. Anything from vandalizing the school parking lot with phallic imagery to putting laxatives in the centeen’s lemonade stand, the show is a refreshing breath of air from traditional teen show archetypes. Season 2 is a fan favorite, diving into the investigative series held by a group of highschool students surrounding a canteen lemonade stand. 


5: The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act, hosted by standup comedian Hasan Minhaj, explores political and cultural events happening across the globe. It discusses topics such as fast fashion, the Indian elections, even the economics behind hypebeast brand Supreme. Not only is it highly relevant and informative, but incredibly entertaining. Throughout the show, Minhaj weaves jokes throughout — almost functioning as an upgraded version of your typical daily news show. Patriot Act is never lacking in Minhaj’s sharp wit and scathing commentary!


All in all, each show has its own unique qualities to it, allowing members of the ISM community to enjoy a diverse range of viewing options. Enjoy streaming, Bearcats!