Music in Quarantine

200423 BT visual_Music in QuarantineWriter: Patricia W.

Visual: Rhia M.

Editor: Gisele F.

Bored. Idle. Monotony. These are all words that describe our passing days during this unfortunate pandemic. COVID-19 has forced us to stay locked up in our homes with nothing to do. Without the much needed social interaction with our peers, suddenly we are in a seemingly dull world. However, there is the internet, countless movies, TV shows, stories, and of course wonderful music to keep us company.

During this time of isolation, we see the same family members every day in the same confined space. Music is starting to play a big role in our daily life more than ever. “I’ve been listening to so many songs and discovering new artists by the day,” Lila W., a junior, remarked. “It’s endless and when you’re stuck at home like this, it really helps with your sanity.”

Her sister, Erin W., a freshman, agrees. “We’ve shown each other countless songs we like. It’s refreshing and became a way for us to bond.” Truly, in a time like this with so much leisure, we are suddenly given the opportunity to connect with our busy siblings more and more. Music is a great way to do this with the trading of favourite artists and songs.

While trading songs and listening to new genres may be typical ways of enjoying music during these extraordinary times, a lot of people also stick to their tried and tested ways. “Entertainment forms like music really help. I’ve unhealthily replayed my playlist but it keeps me occupied so there’s no harm,” Connor K., a 12th grader, says. What better way to pass the time than to fully immerse ourselves in our favourite songs and artists after all?

Speaking of artists, in all this madness, our principal, Mr. Dickinson, has been a wonderful source of joy and entertainment for the student body. He has hosted Zoom concerts which can have been attended online by students and are also recorded for those who did not get to see them live. Marcel, a 9th grader, says “Our group chat is flooded with clips of Mr. D singing. It’s so funny to watch. Whenever we’re bored, we just scroll up!”

Music really does wonders for us. It’s found in every race, religion, and region. It’s been a source of entertainment for humans for ages. It continues to thrive everyday with new forms being released every now and then. Truly, an art form to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Stay inside and safe Bearcats! Keep on listening and exploring!